The Thief by Oliwia

Molly was sitting in the detention room with Mrs White her teacher.

Suddenly Mrs White left the room and told her to not move until she came back. But as soon as she left, Molly noticed an envelope with money in it and she quickly grabbed it without thinking and hid it in her bag. When Mrs White came back she looked at her desk and said “Molly where is the money?”

“It was on your desk,” snapped Molly.

”I know it was there,” said Mrs White. “But where did it go?” she shouted. Mrs White was sure Molly took it and asked to look through her bag, she pulled out the envelope and said, “You’re in big trouble now Molly.”

The Missing Project by Zach

Two weeks ago a teacher named Ms Pencil had given her class a project to do. Everyone in the class had it done by week one, well everyone but Lucy. Her friends said not to leave it till last minute. She did exactly what they told her not to do. Ms pencil said quite clearly “Everyone take out your project”. Everyone rummaged through their bags. “It was here just a second ago!”. Ms Pencil said “What’s wrong Lucy?” “I can’t find my project,” replied Lucy. “But where did it go?” she shouted. “Right up and off to the principal Lucy for not doing your project”.

Rocket by Oliver


Dr Crazy’s rocket as failed and oil was all over the garage.

He is going to try again after he cleans up.

It was hard for him but he did it and said,’ next time I will do it out side.’

He went outside and launched the rocket, that was made from his dad’s old pocket watch and some scrap from the scrap yard.

It went up in to the air as far as it could go up but a second later it turned and Dr Crazy shouted,’ but where did it go?’

He started to go in the direction of the rocket.

Communion by Niamh

It was a week before my little sister Eva’s communion. My mam and I were going to Argos to collect a watch for her. We picked out a lovely pink one and ordered it online. Eva and my dad stayed at home because she does not like shopping. When we got the watch, we went home. My mam said ” I am going to keep it in the bag and put it under my bed.” When the day came my mam went to get the watch but it was gone! She was panicking “but where did it go?” she shouted.

The Accident of Halloween by Mia

Evan loved Halloween. When he was little, he always dressed up as his favourite superhero and went trick or treating. However now he was way too old. So he made plans with his friends, Alana and Jared. ‘Where is Michael, Zoey and Connor?’ asked Jared. ‘At some party’ answered Alana. She was wearing her black dance outfit with cat ears and Jared was wearing a black hoodie. They went to the park and were just hanging out when it happened in a blur. Evan got hit with a fire work. ‘His finger is blown off!’ yelled Jared to Alana. ‘But where did it go?’ she shouted. They called an ambulance and Evan was fine except for his missing finger.

The House by Leon

It was Halloween so Joe and Sophie went trick or treating. When they were coming back home they stopped.

“I’ve never seen this house before. I wonder how it got here?” said Joe

The house was old and broken and all those things.

“So you’re telling me now that there is a house THAT WE DIDN’T TRICK OR TREAT THERE?????!!!!!!! let’s go,” said Sophie.

But as soon as they rang the door bell they got sucked in tho the house AND all their candy disappeared.

”BUT WHERE DID IT GO?” she shouted.

“Let’s leg it, I think this is a haunted house!” said Joe.

So they legged it and never went trick or treating ever again.

Halloween Night Jessica M

Bang! The fire works were getting set off as Ellie went trick or treating, her bag was almost full so Ellie decided that she would head back home. After a while of trying to get back home, Ellie did not know where she was. All she knew was that there was a house right in front of her. Ellie walked closer to it and went in. She saw a witch and was about to run when she spotted a cape at the door. Beside the cape it had a label and it said that the cape was invisible. Ellie grabbed it and put it on, then she walked all around the house and looked around without the witch even knowing. Ellie heard a noise it was the witch. She was looking for her cape “oh but where did it go?” she shouted in horror…

School Homework by Jessica H

It was that time only a few more days until Halloween break but we still have school sadly. Ava doesn’t mind school it’s just the homework is not enough that they have 6 hours of school work to do. Today their teacher gave them a ton of homework they got Irish, English, Maths and Reading. Ava just finished my homework when she had to go to dancing. The next day Ava was in school and her teacher said take out your irish homework. Her teacher asked for her homework she said “it was right here in my bag”, she Stuttered “but where did it go ?” she shouted in frustration.

The Spooky Castle by Holly

It was a dark and spooky night. Lisa, Katie and Rebecca were trick or treating. Near the end of the night they came across a spooky castle. They tried to avoid it, but then all of a sudden they heard their names being called. They entered the castle. BANG!! They were trapped inside. Lisa and Katie tried to escape. Rebecca saw a little girl in the corner of her eye. She promised the girl she would help her find happiness. The girl decided to set them free. Just as Rebecca and her friends left, the girl disappeared and was never seen again. The end.

Haunted House by Emmanuel

It was a very cold and dark hallowe’en night. All the children had finished trick or treating and five friends had decided to go to a haunted house that was across the town. Their names were Harry, Aaron, Jane, Sarah and Jacob. Harry, Jane and Jacob were very scared to go into the house, as for Sarah and Jacob they were very eager and were the first to rush in. They opened the door and Sarah was jumping around like a ball. The guys saw a Mona Lisa painting, all of them left except for Sarah. Then she noticed painting was missing, ” But where did it go she shouted?’

Haunted House by Emily

It was the night of Halloween. Luke, Mark and Ashley went to a haunted house. Suddenly, the light started flickering. There was blood everywhere even on the door handle. A clown came around the wall from Ashley. “Help I am going to die!” cried Ashley. There were sweets on the table but they didn’t eat them in case they were to poison them.”Hey” said the vampire. But in a blink of an eye he vanished. Ashley was suprised, “but where did it go?”she shouted. She was terrified. There were statues of ghost and knights of shining amour. They all shouted at the same time “I am getting out of here.”

The Lab by Darragh

Jake woke up. He looked around to see where he was. He didn’t know where he was or what to do. Suddenly he heard a woman’s voice “but where did it go?” she shouted. Suddenly a door opened and the woman came in “get up class d,” he got up and waited for his next command. “This way!” she shouted he got up and walked where she pointed. He stood in front of what seemed to be a cell. There was a sign to the right he read it said subject 049 danger do not open. He was scared he felt like he just wanted to curl up into a ball then the gate started to open and…

The Marble by Craig

Mary dropped a marble.’ But where did it go?’she shouted. It is under the bed she thought. She looked under the bed. ‘Yes I found my special marble’ she said to herself. She put the marble in her wallet. She went for a walk to the park. She saw her friends. They played hide and seek she prolonged playing with her friends by going to the chipper. When she got home she remembered that she forgot her wallet. She regretted bringing it to the park. She found it, Mary was happy. That was an erratic day.

Haunted House by Cillian

It was Halloween and Jack wanted to do something fun and scary so he asked his best friend Sue if she wanted to go to the haunted house across the street. She said “yes” and they met up at around 7 pm that night. There had been scary stories about a creature that lived in the house. The house was huge so they decided to split up and to shout if something went wrong. Jack went upstairs and Sue went downstairs but the problem was that there were no lights. Suddenly Sue spotted a dark figure and she screamed so Jack could know but when Jack came down the figure was gone. “But where did it go?” she shouted “it doesn’t matter!” said Jack “just run!” but before Sue could react she was grabbed and…

Haunted House by Cian

This Halloween Jenna decided to investigate the old empty house in the neighbourhood. She wanted to see if anybody lived in there, or anything. As she advanced the house she saw a torn and battered scarecrow in the garden. She opened the door with a paper clip and casually walked inside. As she walked into the house there was a staircase with wooden steps, so she started to walk up them. Suddenly on the second floor down the long dark hallway she saw a tall, dark figure then suddenly, it disappeared. “But where did it go, ” she shouted and then legged it out of the house.

The Mice by Charlie

There once was a family of three, Mam, Joseph and Sarah. They lived in a house in Dublin. It was nearing the end of Autum and it was getting colder. Joseph and Sarah had just arrived home from school and were up in their rooms doing their homework “Ahhhh!” shrieked Mam. Joseph and Sarah rushed downstairs. Mam was standing shaking “but where did it go?” she shouted. “Where did what go?” questioned Joeseph inquisitively. “T-t-the mouse!”. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere mice came from every corner and crevice of the room swarming them, they climbed all over them until they fell over. “Help!” they screeched in agony, but nobody came.

Haunted House by Brian

One day my friends and I were going to a haunted house. My friends were Aaron, Bartosz, Ben, Emmanuel and Cillian. Jessica, Holly and Ashley were coming too. When we got there, Emmanuel went in first. We saw a bat and we all jumped. But then Ashley dropped her phone. I got out my phone and put on the flashlight, but it wasn’t there. I said it must be somewhere “but where did it go?” She shouted. We were looking everywhere, but then Jessica said she would ring it. And as you could probably infer she got her phone back.

Haunted House by Ben

This week my friend Robbie, Sophie and I went to a dark house with the dirtiest garden I have ever seen in the eleven years of my life. When we got there we all brought torches so we could see. Suddenly out of nowhere a big BANG!!!! A ghost but where did it go?” she shouted furiously. We all ran like the wind like our life depended on it. I decided to never go to a house again in my life. In the end we went home and got dressed up and enjoyed our day.

Are You Scared? by Ashley

It was Halloween and my cousin and I were going to see a movie.

We got to our seats and it began….. “There once was a lady who lived right beside a dark haunted house.”

“One day a creepy doll appeared outside her house, the doll had eyes…..that moved! The lady was so scared she went to the police.”

“She told the police and they said that they would come and see it. But as she pointed to where the doll was, she saw that it was gone “It was here, I promise!” she looked furiously around the garden….”But where did it go!” she shouted. (She had a habit of shouting)”

“Sorry, but I put that doll there,” said a boy who had ran over, “this is one of my Halloween decorations!”

I looked around to see where my cousin was but she was gone! (Too scared)

The Tiny Trip by Abby

One morning Dolly woke up from her horrible dream. The night before her horrible dream her scientific dad got a new car. He was going to bring Dolly out on a trip to Disneyland on a ferryboat but the night before he made a shrinking machine. “Dolly, come down stairs I have a surprise for you in the garage”, and she raced down stairs to the garage and there she saw nothing and her dad said “what happened the car?” Dolly paused for a second “but where did it go?” she shouted, ”there it is, it shrank.” As he went to pick it up they both shrank and went on a tiny trip.

My Sister’s Panic Attack by Aaron

One morning my mam got my sister her favourite toy and she loved it, but I had an idea to prank her and hide it. So I took it when she went to Tesco with my mam and I hid it behind my tv. When she got back she went to her room to play with it but it was not there. She said “MAM! MAM! my toy is gone,” and I went up to her and she said “Aaron did you put it somewhere?” I said ”no”, “but where did it go”?” she shouted. She said “please tell me where it is!”I said it was behind the tv and she found it then.

A School Day by Jessica H

It was just a normal school day it was really nice outside. When I got to school everything was absolutely fine but all of a sudden it came lashing down with rain. We had to go home from school early because if we didn’t we would’ve been blocked in because of all the flooding. As soon as I stepped outside it was heavier than I expected I had to run to my mother’s car. After that there were hailstones and thunder and lightning. It was terrifying and the worst thing was, it was nearly Halloween.

The Mistake by Abby

There once a little boy named Gavin, he was walking down the town by himself. There was too much traffic where he was going so he thought it would be quicker to jump into other people’s cars. He jumped into a car and screamed “help this person is coming to kidnap me” but when he turned around he realised it was his mam. “MAM, what are you doing here?”, he realised he should never have said anything. His mam said ” for that you can carry the car out of the traffic.” Afterwards he thought said to himself “it was heavier than I expected”..

My Holiday by Niamh

I was going on my holiday to Spain for two weeks. I had to pack my suitcase when I was finished I had to weigh it. It was 25kg it was heavier than I expected! I had to unpack and start again! It took me so long because I found it hard to decide what to bring. I finally finished after an hour. I weighed it again and it was 20kg. That is just right. I got a taxi and on my way to the airport there was a crash so I was delayed I nearly missed my flight.

It Was Heavier Than Expected by Jessica M

One bright hot summer’s day I was walking through the town and saw a package lying on the ground outside a shop. I decided to lift it up and bring it in to the shop but when I went to lift it, it was heavier than expected and I almost dropped it. As I walked into the shop I asked the security woman if she could help me bring it over to the Customer Service Desk. She said yes and asked me what it was, I told her that I didn’t know and that I found it outside the shop. ”I was hoping that you could leave it in your lost and found box.”

A Great Comeback by Cillian

On Sunday my football team played a league game against Ashbourne Utd. We were due to play on grass but because of the weather it was changed to astro. As we were away we had to wake up at 9 o’clock because the match started at half 10 and it was a 45 minute drive to get there. We got a quick warm up when we arrived and soon enough the match started. We were very slow for the first 10 mins and at half time we were losing 4-1. Suddenly it started to rain and it was heavier than I expected and then 5 minutes later hail stones poured down on us so the match had to be abandoned. In the end Ashbourne were given the win.

100 w/c by Ben

It was Sunday morning, the sun was splitting the stones. Shamrock Rovers and Dundalk were playing in the final at the Aviva stadium. I was on my way in to the match on the train when the rain started,it didn’t look too bad, I was still excited for the match. I had a great time on the train with my dad and my brother. Finally we got off the train, it was still raining,it was heavier than I expected. When we got to the stadium the atmosphere was amazing. Rovers won it was the best day ever.

Stones by Charlie

There once was wa boy named Harry. He loved walking along the beach and throwing stones into the water. One day whilst he was walking a meteor roughly the size of his fist fell from the sky and landed on the ground with a THUD! Harry tried to lift the rock to no avail. Harry realised his friends Sean and Conor were playing football up on the cliff. He called them down to help, Sean and Conor quickly came down and Harry explained what had happened. They were astonished when they heard the story. Then they manged to lift it back to Harry’s house and break the meteor into three pieces for each person to have part of it.

100 W/C by Oliwia

“Gareth,” I could hear Bill saying my name. I suddenly felt a slight nudge on my left shoulder I turned to look at Bill and saw his unimpressed face. “Come on,” he said, “get out the truck and help me unload these boxes”. I got out of the truck and started helping Bill with the boxes, we were nearly done when I noticed a large box near the end of the truck, I waited for Bill to come back so he could help me, we tried to pick up the box but it was heavier than I expected. I got kind of annoyed and peered in to see what was inside, and what I saw was terrifying and intriguing at the same time.

World Cup Glory by Cian

Yesterday was the greatest experience of my life, I had just won the Rugby World Cup with Ireland,as their captain. The second the full time whistle came the fans went absolutely ballistic, people were dancing, jumping and pelting out the Fields of Athenry. The noise was deafening but I loved it. When I lifted the cup it was heavier than I expected but I felt so proud of my teammates for winning a game like this against a team like the All Blacks. I can’t even describe how good it felt to win it, let alone be the captain.