The Time Warp by Jessica H

As the scientist assistant it is my job to check out the new inventions, this new one was a bit of a weird one. It was this big box I wasn’t quite sure what was in it. As I was checking, it out I accidentally fell inside it. My boss always told me never to go in one of his inventions.When I fell in, it transported me into a different dimension. After I got to the different dimension everything was fine then everything stopped and I saw everyone was frozen I didn’t know what was going on.

The Final by Bartosz

Ding ding ding as his iPhone alarm rang. This evening is the champions league final Berlin Athletic VS Catalans United. The match kicked off at Old Trafford at 19:00. There was no clear cut opportunities until the 24min Ross Ford hit the post from 25 meters out it comes to Cillian as he taps it in. 1-0 Catalans United, from tip off Idaomi equaliser saves the tear from Berlins supporters eyes. First half ended 1-1, 56min in into the second half Ben Flynn one on one with the keeper goal 2-1 wait VAR rules it out there was a foul on Bartosz on the lead up, nothing happened until the 94min Bartosz goes up for a bicycle kick then everything stopped and the ball went in all the Berlin fans cheered.

A Creepy Day by Aaron

One day I woke up and went to my friends house. At last, I got there and we played ps4 for a while until we got bored. Finally, we finished we went to this hidden room in Tesco we found the day before. Finally, we got there but there was a random tall man there we said hello but there was no reply. He turned around and said why are you here we said we found it yesterday. He told us why he was there he said he was seeing what time the world was going to stop. He said in about 10 seconds then everything stopped and we panicked but he said time will never unfreeze.

The Dream by Niamh

It was Saturday night. My mam and dad were gone out for dinner so we were being minded. We had to go to bed early because church was at 10 o’clock the next day. I was tired and fell asleep straight away. I had a dream that my friend robbed something from Dealz. The shopkeeper caught her and she had to pay for it. She said sorry and the shopkeeper said it is ok but don’t do it again! If you do, I will ring the police next time. We walked away then everything stopped and I woke up.

The Temple by Craig

Dan was going to explore the long forgotten temple, that was curved into a cave. It was filled with the most peculiar symbols in the world. Dan entered the temple. He was planning on going to the place where traps, were to reveal treasure. Most of the traps were broken so he thought he had a good chance. Suddenly, he was feeling like he should leave in front of him was a maze. After about six hours, he got past. He saw a gem with buttons he pressed one of the buttons then everything stopped and he dropped the gem.

100 w/c by Brian

One day me and my friends were going to the park, to play football. I met Aaron, Bart, Bartoz, Ben, Cillian and Emmanuel. It was four against three. The teams were me, Emmanuel and Cillian vs Bart, Bartoz, Ben and Aaron. We got tip since we had fewer players. I tipped it to Emmanuel who passed to Cillian. Cillian passed it to me, and I gave Emmanuel a through ball. He got past Bartoz and all he had to do was score, but Ben came out of nowhere and had given away a clear foul. Penalty but then everything stopped and…

All Ireland Final by Cillian

Yesterday my dad and I went to Croke Park to watch the Dublin vs Kerry match. The referee blew his whistle at 3:30 and the match started. Kerry started really strong and were already beating Dublin by 10 points just 15 minutes in. The referee blew his whistle for half-time and no one could believe their eyes, Dublin were losing by 20 points!!! When the second half started Dublin were attacking like they never had before and by the time there was only 5 minutes left Dublin were only down by 2 points. Suddenly in the last minute Dublin got a penalty because Dean Rock had been fouled in the small rectangle. Dean Rock went to take it then everything stopped and he blasted the ball into the top corner. Dublin ended up winning the final!

100 w/c by Ben

Once upon a time at the biggest carnival in Europe there was the biggest ferris wheel in the world and I was about to go on it. Shockingly when I went on it, I was at the top and then everything stopped and I was about to scream. The owner said it was just a little prank and he did it to everyone. After we decided to go to get something to eat and come back to the carnival in a while. When we reached back to the carnival it was closed because someone got sick on one of the rides and they shut down the carnival for the day.

Football by Charlie

Last week in school we played a football match. I was just about to shoot then everything stopped and I was the only thing moving. Or so I thought. Then I realised that everything was moving just really slowly. Then everything started to speed up again, I got tackled by Bartosz then he ran past me whilst I stood there dumbfounded. I could not decide if I had slowed everything down or someone or something had. I have got to leave for school now today we have P.E. I wonder if I will happen again.

A Surprise by Leon

Jack, John and Jill were walking down the steep edge of the canion. A few night ago they heard a bang or something like that so they decided to see what’s going on and they all had a feeling they would succeed it this time. When they got down they went to thier hiding spot behind a pumpkin patch. They waited and waited until…

Then everything stopped and It felt like being in a portal or something. Suddenly there was a loud “Bang” and who was it. It was Time Traveling Tom. But they didn’t know that. So they thought that someone berst out of the door and shot them with something and the next thing they know they were in bed remembering nothing.

The Factory by Darragh

James woke up he got up. He looked around to see what was happening. Suddenly the room started to shake. He looked out the window and he seemed to be in factory. He started to panic he did not know what to do. He was just going to open the door and jump out but then everything stopped and the room turned to glass he tried breaking it with a book but nothing happened. Suddenly a robot came out he said his name was Carl. James asked where was he the robot did not say. He asked again but the robot did not say then he heard a door open he couldn’t see who it was suddenly he heard a gun fire…

The New Broken Video Game by Ashley

“What!?!” I groaned as I was shaken vigorously by someone.

“Ashley! Quick get up, get up, get up!!!” It was my brother, Liam. “Come on, my new video game for my computer just arrived. Suddenly I got pulled out of bed onto the floor. “Fine. Come on show me.” I said.

The new game was surprisingly good we were having such a good time then everything stopped.

“WHAT HAPPENED!!! What did you do Ashley, why did it stop?” My brother berated me.

“I don’t know?” I said, trying not to laugh at my frustrated brother. “Ashley! What did you do?” I said mocking my brother.

“Hold on, I’ll be back in a second.” I said.

I went down stairs to check the Wi-Fi, but there was a man fixing the wifi box.

“So that’s why the game isn’t working.” And I went to tell my brother.

Explosions by Abby

“Kayla, Mya, come look” This musical is so elegant, its Irish dancing”. They were really enjoying it then everything stopped and the ground began to shake, was it going to explode?. Jet planes came flying down to save everyone. They took off like a flash of lightning. Kayla found fungus all over her seat. It was the only seat left, she asked her mam could she swap “sure honey i’ll do anything for you”. As well as getting a clean seat she got to sit beside Mya. They landed safely on the moon just floating all over, then she heard her alarm and woke up from her dream.

100 w/c by Oliwia

It was a dark Saturday evening me and my friends were at the amusement park. It was fun until we went on ferris wheel. We were just about to get the top but then everything stopped and all the lights went out and we were left dangling in one of the cabins we were all in shock next thing you know everyone’s screaming at the top of their lungs and all of the employees trying to calm everyone down. A few seconds later everything went back to normal, it was just a small malfunction but nevertheless it was still terrifying.

The Haunted House by Emmanuel

Once upon a time it was the year 1965 and there was a very old and broken down housing estate with a very creepy house. A few boys wanted to go to the haunted house after they came back from school their names were John, Jake, Evan and Aaron. The time had come for the boys to meet up. They entered the (haunted house as they called it) Aaron was the first to enter as he was the man of the group. They heard loud banging sounds, they walked towards the sound. They turned around then everything stopped and Ronald McDonald hopped out and bought them chicken from KFC.

A Stormy Night by Emily

It was a stormy night. We were watching petrifying horror film munching on popcorn in pal’s house. The fire was blazing and cuddling on the couch. We were all very jumping. The wind was whistling outside. Bang! Then everything stop it was thunder. All the light we had was the fire. Suddenly the door open. I grabbed a poker and my friend grabbed a shovel to defend ourselves. To our surprise it was next door neighbour coming to make sure we were alright. We were laughing and joking about what happen. My neighbour went home when the light came back on.

The Land That Exists by Holly

My morning began with a nice cup of tea. While I was drinking my tea, I opened my curtains. I saw millions of mystical creatures around me. Nothing but nature and fairies were around me. It was beautiful. As I was making my way outside I fell, then everything stopped and I was in normal world again. I told my Mam what happened but she didn’t believe me. I tried to prove her wrong but I failed. Maybe I never left normal work. It felt so real though. I know it exists. I shall go on a journey to prove my Mam wrong…

100 w/c by Jessica M

Bang! The lights went off, then everything stopped and the children started screaming. Mammy, Mammy the children said sounding panicked. Our X-box has gone dead. No silly it is just a power cut mammy said with a smile her face. I am sure it will be back in a while. But what will we do moaned the children. Mammy suggested that they go out and play in the fresh air. The children decided to go out side because they had nothing to do. When the children came in their mam told them that the electricity was back and that they could play their X-box, but they wanted to play outside.

The Burglar Part I by Cian

I’m in my house I’m petrified as I look out the window. I see a man with shiny black hoodie ripped grey tracksuit bottoms and a metal crowbar banging on my door. I start to panic but I control myself eventually. I call 112 when suddenly the man outside started to smash his crowbar of the door. The door was starting to break so I sprinted upstairs into the bathroom and locked the door. I’m that scared I swear I could pass out. I’m clutching my phone very tightly hoping for a reply. Suddenly I hear footsteps on the stairs …then everything stopped and…

100 w/c by Zach

One day in city named Tower City. The people of Tower City were full of grieved after what happened last week. It all started when a superhero named Time Stopper and another hero named Fungus Man. He turned evil after Time Stopper arrested his two best friends for stealing money from a bank, for attempted murder of a bank manager. Fungus Man met up with Time Stopper in a cafe. Fungus Man pulled a gun from his holster then everything stopped and Fungus Man pulled the trigger, Time Stopper fell to the ground with a big thud.