100 w/c by Brian

One day my friends and I decided to go to the museum. When we got there we saw a statue of two men. It was pretty interesting. When we were finished with that we went inside. We saw loads of interesting things, like dinosaur bones and loads of historical things. At about four o’clock we decided to leave. When we were leaving we realised that we were lost! To make matters worse the museum closed at half past four. We were in a panic. We were looking around and we ran into guide and he showed us the way out.

Old Times by Oliver

“Hello Children today we are learning about history. Tell me something you know before cars were invented,” said Mrs Beth.

“They used horse or bikes to travel,” said Julia.

“That is right,” said Mrs Beth.

” I think they had handkerchief and if they did I bet it had a lot of germs, isn’t that right teacher” said  Tony.

“What’s a handkerchief?” said Julia.

“A handkerchief is a tissue but you can use more than once and no, that was after the cars were invented!” said Mrs Beth.

Ring Ring!

” It is time to go home,” said Mrs Beth.

100 w/c by Oliwia

Once a very careless tourist went to the Shaolin Temple and knocked one of the statues down causing it to shatter beyond repair, and all that was left of it was a handkerchief. But this was no ordinary handkerchief was what the Chinese government found out. It was a hankerchief made from an exotic material that was worth billions of dollars, so the Chinese decided to sell it. When Washington found out about this he wanted it framed in his bedroom, but little did he know Franklin also wanted it. They decided that the most rational thing to do was to start a war (very tragic). Lots of people died including Franklin and Washington.