100 w/c by Zach

The year was 1884 the sky was filled with black smog. In the streets of London there were two Lords, Lord Tom and Lord Charles. They were heading to a get the rent from their residents. Lord Tom blew into his pocket square Lord Charles had no patience so he pointed the way he was heading. All of a sudden Lord Tom was pushed to the cold damp ground and had his pocket watch, wallet and shoes robbed off his feet. He screamed for the constables, a shot was let out, Lord Tom fell and there was a loud thud…

France by Niamh

It was the Summer holidays, I was going to France. When we got there, we went to get some shopping. The next day we went to a museum. We were walking around and something caught my eye. I asked my mam could I go and have a look. My mam said “yes”. As I got closer I realised, it was a statue of two people. One of them was giving the other one a tissue. The statue looked ancient. My mam followed me and said ” that is from World War II. I said “ OMG”, I was amazed by how old it was.

100 w/c by Mia

‘Elise!’ Called Mom. Elise roused from her comfortable soft bed. ‘What?’ she called. ‘Come on we are going to the American Revolution Museum’ . ‘Finally,’ said Elise. She had been looking forward to this for weeks. For breakfast, she had muesli and orange juice. On the subway ride there she listened to the Hamilton musical soundtrack. Around an hour later she arrived. She saw a statue of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. She went in and she saw her idol Lin Manuel Miranda, giving a speech. She was so happy she fainted. When she woke up she was back on the subway. It was the perfect day.

The Bag by Leon

National History Museum London 1856… “Today is a big day. Today we have found the first real magical object!!!”

Big cheer from the crowd.

” This will be kept in the top security chamber in the basement.”

Three days later in an alleyway.  In a corner stood two men one talking to the other. “So you will get me that magical item and you get your pay right,” whispered one of the men.

“How much?”- said the other.

“Let’s say a million.”


The next night.

“GUYS WE’VE GOT A RUNNER!” shouted the guards. The man was running with the bag in his own bag. He jumped across a wall and another one, has he gotten away? BOOM. He gets hit with a school bus. Someone comes out of it… It’s Time-Travelling TOM. He takes the bag and goes back onto the bus. The guards come hurrying the next second but the bus and the man are gone.

The Best Day Ever by Jessica M

Dear Diary

Today was the best day ever, my mam and I went to town on the train for the first time. As we strolled along we stumbled upon two male statues my mam stopped and asked me did I know who they were. I told her that I did not know. I asked her did she know but she did not know either, so we decided to search it up. When we searched it up, it said that they were two presidents that were sharing a peace offering. This was to symbolise

Dear Diary

Today was the best day ever, my mam and I went to town on the train for the first time. As we strolled along we stumbled upon two male statuses my mam stopped and asked me did I know who they were. I told her that I did not know. I asked her did she know but she did not know either, so we decided to search it up. When we searched it up, it said that they were two presidents that were sharing a peace offering. This was to symbolise peace between the two countries.


One Day by Jessica H

One day as I was walking down the street I noticed something queer, for some reason the energy didn’t feel quite right. I continued to walk down the street, as I turned the corner you won’t believe what I saw! There was a huge battle. These two fellas, I didn’t know who they were. Out of nowhere this witch-like lady comes around the corner and splash they were instantly turned into stone. They are still here to this day. The next day I moved straight away. And to this day I still can’t believe what happened.

The Same Woman by Holly

A long time ago two ugly men fell in love with the same woman. Sam and Michael were their names. The men proposed and bought her amazing gifts but she didn’t know which one to choose. She then decided she would give them a hard challenge. They each had to make a beautiful item. Silly Sam forgot to make something so he tried to grab Michaels outstanding piece of cloth. Neither of them won. She found a handsome man to marry. To remember these heartbroken men a friend of theirs made a lovely statue of them.

The Meeting by Emmanuel

Once upon a time in 1843 the King of England was having a meeting with the king of Scotland because they were having a discussion about England leaving the EU. Both of the men did not like each other because the king of England said the king of Scotland was smelly. The king of England had said that the king worked in the sewage and had never washed his hands. It was time for the meeting and both men were meeting up and the king of England had a piece of tissue in his hand, when they shook hands his sewage hands were so powerful the poison killed him.

The Great Temple by Emily

The year 1868 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The freeman movement decided to build the great and massive temple for worship. So they had a competition to select the architect to design the great historical temple. The had twenty people attend. They winner was James Brown and Coner John Murray. They won 23 sliver coins and food. It took 5 years to build the temple. It was called one of the great wonders of the Mansonic world. They also built a museum and a big lodge. They put a statue of two members doing the special handshake outside the big lodge.

The School Tour by Darragh

Rick woke up he got up and checked what date it was. He saw that it was his school tour to day. He got into his clothes and ate his breakfast. He went out the car and drove to school. Just as he got there he saw the bus leaving. He got out of the car grabbed his bags and ran as fast as he could. They drove to the museum. He got out of the bus and headed into the museum. He started looking around. He saw two statues they had such a unique look.

Warzone by Craig

1922 “Do not let anyone get this,” he said and handed him the bag. “Move out men, you with the bag get in the chopper!” Said the commander.

He ran for the chopper. George who was handed the bag was a medic he wondered why a medic was handed the bag. He got in the chopper. When it was airborne he saw the war – all the death. George wanted to know what was in the bag so he opened it, it was a book that had a gem in it and a label with ‘worth €998,764,537.’

Day Out by Cillian

Last weekend my mam, auntie, uncle and I decided to go to Dublin city centre because my auntie and uncle had never been there. We went to see the Spire, The GPO,The National Irish History Museum and some statues such as Molly Malone,the Famine statues beside the Liffey and a replica of the” Founding Fathers” in the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia. Later after a lot of walking we went to get some food in a nice restaurant. When we were finished, we went on the Viking Splash Tour which we had a lot of fun on. After that we went back home because we were all more exhausted than a person after running a marathon. We had an amazing day overall.

The Magic Handkerchief by Cian

Once man called John had a magic handkerchief and a brother that wanted to take over the world. His brother kept saying to him “c’mon just think how powerful we would be”. But John didn’t want power he just wanted a friend. Though John was quite wealthy, he was very lonely. One night he and his brother were attending a banquet as they were celebrating their mother’s anniversary. After the banquet as John was walking home his brother approached him and tried to take the handkerchief. As John tried to reef it back the handkerchief cursed them and turned them into stone.

The Investigation Part I by Charlie

Once there was a man named Harry. He lived in London in the 1900s. Harry was a famous private investigator, he was employed by a man named Joe. Joe lived alone with his wife Ella. Joe and Harry met outside Joe’s house Joe complained that their food and clothes were going missing at night. So Harry stayed in their spare room that night and he checked the fridge and the wardrobe. Enough food for the day and one set of clothes went missing. That night they hid downstairs and waited for the burglar to try steal some food.

End Of Part One

100 w/c by Brian

One day me and my friends decided to go to the museum. When we got there we saw this statue of two men. It was pretty interesting. When we were finished with that we went inside. We saw loads of interesting things, like dinosaur bones and loads of historical things. At about four o’clock we decided to leave. When we were leaving we had realized that we were lost! To make matters worse it closed at half four. We were in a panic. We were looking around and we ran into guide and he showed us the way out.

100 w/c by Ben

Once upon a time in the Caribbean islands there were two pirates called Bill and Joe who both lived on a big ship with ten servants. One night they travelled around the islands and found a murky cave with a green shiny light. So they said they would go check it out. Suddenly there was a big BANG BANG BANG!!! The ship is flooding jump or we’re dead. Joe had been planning something that Bill would jump and drown so he could take the jewellery. Bill came behind him and said to have a truce and sign an agreement to split the money and were best friends for life.

100 w/c by Bartosz

This morning I woke up to a car driving out of the driveway. I woke up late. It was my dad’s birthday but there was a dilemma, I hadn’t gotten him a present.

It was 2 o clock and they went to the place where they met, beside two silver statues I knew they were coming back so I quickly got my bike and rode to Walmart. I looked around for a while until I found the perfect present, The Best Dad in the world mug. I went to the counter, I bought it for €6 . He loved the mug very much.

The War by Ashley

I was on a walk one day in Dublin city, when I came across a statue of two men. ‘Who were these men and what are they doing,’ I thought. Suddenly I heard a voice inside my head saying ‘SNAP YOUR FINGERS TWO TIMES!!!’ I did, and then I got pulled into a world of imagination.

Five seconds later I saw the two men.

One of the men said “Oh it’s you.

And the other said “Hey I just came to give you my British flag and to say good luck.”

“Uuugghhh, fine, “ the other man said grumpily. “Here is my German flag.”

“Well, let the war begin!!!” The British man said.

“Yes. Let the war begin!!!” The German man said.

‘War!?!’ I thought ‘War? I am out of here!!!’

Scary Man by Abby

“MAM what is that man doing here?” her mam wasn’t there. The man jumped out at Fay so she ran like lightning, he ran just as fast after her. All she could do was keep running until she reached a dead end.

Ring, ring..”hello, this man is chasing me, HELP”.

She didn’t know what to do because she was at a dead end. She looked behind her, suddenly she saw two men, just before she was about to jump off the cliff. One man grabbed her and pulled her back saying “gotcha, it’s me, your dad, I am back from the army.”

She burst into tears.

A Mad Day by Aaron

One day I woke up and I was going to my lab. After a while, I got there my scientist told me about a time travel machine he made. He said I could go to any time zone I wanted. I said can I go back to 1875 in Dublin so I stepped in and off I went. After a long time waiting I got there I saw two men but they were not moving I realised time was frozen it looked like they were doing a trade. I started walking around to different shops. When I was making my way back to the portal it was not there I was stuck for ever.