The Bike Ride by Emily

It was a hot summer’s day. My family and decided to go on a bicycle ride. First of all I got my bike out of the shed. Before we went we got something to eat . We set off on our bikes. My sister’s bike was yellow. The vicinity was the beach. My dad warned me not to go fast. Next of all I came flying off my bike. I hurt my arm. So I learned my lesson. After that we had a picnic. We had a lot of food. My sister greedily ate all of the sweets. After a while she said ” I regretted it’.

Race by Oliver

‘Have you heard about the race were you can win one million euro by racing down a really dangerous hill?’ said Danial.

When Ted heard how much you can win, he went to his workshop and modified his bicycle to a bike with rocket boost.

The race came up, he got ready and went half way he used his boost and saw a bright  yellow sign warning him but he was greedily desperate that he forgot about it.

He tried to slam on the brakes, he almost crashed but he lost control because the boost was cheating and he ran off crying.

The Alley by Darragh

Jack was eating his breakfast. He got up and headed for the door. He grabbed his bike. Suddenly he heard someone call his name. He looked behind him. He saw a man in a trench coat he walked closer as the man beckoned him to an alley. When he got into the alley, before he knew it he was on the ground. He asked the man what’s his name he said it’s yellow. He warned him that he was being tracked. Jack was desperate and said he needed help. Yellow grab Jack’s coat and greedily stuffed his money in his coat and said “it was me who was tracking you”!…

100 w/c by Ben

Once upon a time there was an old yellow house in a forest and it had no windows. After school my friend and I would check the house out but there was a man who warned us to stay away as this is private property. Suddenly there was a big explosion so I grabbed my bicycle and pedalled as fast as I could. The next day I was so desperate to try sneak in to the house. That night we snuck into the house and there was tons of money so I greedily stole half of it and was rich for the rest of my life.

A Weird Day – by Cian

I woke up looked in the mirror and screamed. My skin had turned as yellow as a banana. I jump back into my bed hoping it was a dream but it was no use. “Perhaps it was the banana I ate yesterday,” I thought to myself. If it was, I regret eating it. As I run downstairs, I hear another scream. My parents have turned blue! My sister has turned pink! We start to become desperate so I went on my bicycle to doctor Phil. I gave every penny in my pocket to him. He greedily took it all but he cured us and I am relieved.

Ice Cream by Niamh

It was a very warm sunny day. I was going to get an ice-cream with my family. “Can I go on my bicycle?” my mam said ” yes!” I said ” thank you,” my mam said ” no problem.” I was warm and I was desperate to get my nice ice-cream! There was a great selection there were Cookies N’ Cream, Cookie Dough, Rocky Road and Banana and that’s just a few. I went for Banana it was bright yellow. My mam warned me that it was going to be sweet and it was still nice. When I got my ice-cream I greedily ate it all and didn’t share it.

100 w/c by Oliwia

Cassidy got a pretty yellow bicycle for her 9th birthday. Next day she called her friend Alana so they can go biking together. Alana had an old wretched bike and when she saw Cassidy’s she became even more desperate for a new one but she knew her parents would never buy her one, so she greedily snatched Cassidy’s Bike and rode off. Cassidy was left speechless but then yelled ,’ALANA I’M WARNINGYOU IF YOU DON’T GIVE ME BACK MY BIKE ILL TELL YOUR PARENT AND YOU’LL BE GROUNDED FOREVER’ ,but Alana kept going and Cassidy started crying .

Meeting with Time Travelling Tom by Leon

One day when I was riding my Bicycle to school The strangest thing happened, and it all began like this… I was having a race on our bike with my friend to school. I was Desperate to win Because I bet a whole €2, and of cores I was winning when soddenly I found myself in the stone age!?! Beside me was a 23 year old man standing beside a yellow school bus. He had black hair, He was tall and had a t-shirt saying GO TIME TRAVEL. Then suddenly he shouted, “Hey Kid what you doing here?” With a scared look on his face. Beside me there was a stash of cash so I greedily took as much as I could and shoved it in my pocket.” Hey don’t touch my money, I warn you!” He shouted back. I started running and I taught, why was I so greedy I should have ran. “I warned you kiddo,” I heard him shout. He started shooting some kind of pellet gun. I ran in a zig zag to dodge them. Then I finally made it though the portal thingy. I appeared at home finally home. I was safe. Finally.

New Bicycle by Cillian

Yesterday Jack got a new black and yellow bicycle because it was his birthday. He asked his dad if he was allowed to bring his bicycle to school and he said yes but he was warned to be careful because someone might try to steal it. The next day he cycled down to school and all his friends complimented and looked greedily at his new bicycle. When he went to get his bicycle after school, he was shocked to see someone racing towards the gate with it. He was desperate to get it back so he didn’t think twice and ran after him. Thankfully he got it back and he cycled as fast as he could back home.

The Trip to the Museum by Abby

Ms. Yellow and her class were going on a school trip to the museum, the museum was desperate, they needed more visitors. Eventually the class got to the museum, outside they saw this huge building shaped like a bicycle out the bus window. As they were walking in the teacher said decisively “stay with me because this place is not that safe”. As she warned the kids they all heard a bang and then a lot of dust fell on their heads. The man said look give me the money, and he greedily snatched the money off Ms. Yellow.

100 w/c by Mia

‘Happy birthday!’ exclaimed Mam. Her, my brother and my cousin all woke me up.

At last, my birthday was here. ‘Well what are you waiting for?’ asked Mam excitedly. ‘Open your presents’, I looked towards the foot of the bed and there was a little pile of gifts. I opened each one. I got a Polariod camera, a Broadway album and a new outfit. Sadly, I didn’t get what I wanted most. My brother noticed I was slightly disappointed and began to smirk. ‘Logan,’ Mam warned him. We went downstairs and there it was a beautiful, yellow, vintage bicycle . I spent the rest of the day greedily eating cake.

Spoilt Birthday Girl by Jessica H

For my birthday I asked my mother to get me a new phone but she said no I was furious with her. I was so desperate to have a new phone because all of my friends got new phones for their birthday. I warned my mum she can either get me a new phone or she could get me a new bicycle. She picked the bicycle. When it was my birthday and I was allowed to open my presents . It was a yellow bike I hated it so much. Then my dad thought since I was mad that he should bring out the cake and I greedily ate most of the cake.

The Bike Shop by Charlie

My friends and I were walking when we saw a yellow bike, it had a sign with an arrow pointing to a bike shop. The shop was called Tommy’s Bike Shop. We decided we were going to go and have a look. When we arrived, a snobby rich man greedily came out of the shop with an assortment of mountain bikes. We walked into the shop confused. The man behind the till desperately warned us not to say anything to the man. Out of nowhere a limousine pulled up outside the shop the rich man was about to get in when my friend Conor said “that’s a lot of bikes,” then he turned around…

100 w/c by Aaron

One day me and my friends went to a forest. After a long walk we made it there, there was a man and he warned us not to go in. My friend said “we should listen”, so we said ok. So on our way back we saw a yellow bicycle in a tree and there were no tires. At last, we made it and played video games until we got hungry. Just a little while after coming home we got hungry and we went to the pizza place near us. When we got there there was a man desperate for food so we got our pizza and gave a slice to him. When we got home we greedily fought for the pizza.

100 w/c by Jessica M

“Good morning, and welcome to Ireland AM and on today’s line up at 7:30am Laura will give the run down on the new series of Desperate House Wives. At 8:00am we will discuss the benefit of using a bicycle every day. At 8:30am John will be here baking his famous yellow meringue that we will greedily devour. But first let’s go over to Derek in the garden for today’s weather.

“Thanks Alan, news just in from Met Eireann they have warned us that storm Jessica is on its way and that’s the weather for today thanks and good bye.”

Birthday Boy by Craig

It was Jim’s birthday soon, he was desperate for a new bike. But his conscience warned him every time it popped into his head. He noticed that the bills were increasing and he heard mam and dad speaking about rent. Jim envisioned it as a yellow bike. Jim could not want anything else. He knew he would not get a bike so greedily he thought that he must make up for the lost amount of money. From now on he would eat all the sweets and not help out by making the tea. He even decided to have a lot of hangovers. For his birthday he got a blue bike.

Watch Out for Cyclists b Ashley

I was driving my car on the way on the way to work, when I looked in the wing mirror and saw a lady with a bright high vis jacket, on a yellow bicycle. I could see that she was desperate to get by me, I was stuck in traffic and I wasn’t moving anywhere so I thought it would be OK to just pull over for a second. As I pulled over the lady thanked me and then cycled off. But as she cycled off a man in another car started beeping at her, he pulled down his window “Move out of my way lady, the phone shop opens in 10 minutes and I want to get 2 phones, so move or else….!!!” He warned her greedily. So the lady moved out of his way shocked, and he sped off like a bullet.

100 w/c by Emmanuel

It was a hot summer’s day, And there was a new family moving into the neighbourhood. They were very desperate to meet everybody. Every house they went to were warned about the evil neighbour who lived across the street. Everyone was very careful about the old lady in the house because they always heard loud sounds. All the neighbours decided to go to the police station as it was in the vicinity of their houses. The family decided to put on their yellow jackets and went to the lady’s house, they instantly regretted it, the lady opened the door and gave them sweets and the greedily ate them she asked them to come in and they were never seen again.

100 w/c by Bartosz

I woke up early today. Today I was going to Halfords, to get a new bicycle, I was desperate to get a new one because everyone was getting new bicycle. ‘Dad what time are we leaving”, I said.’ In 30mins’ 30mins later we left. It took us a while to get there , but when we came into the vicinity of the shop came in my dad told me ‘don’t be greedy and buy an expensive one with all the money you have” you’ll regret told him I was looking for a back and yellow Subradar. I was over the moon when I came home.

100 w/c by Holly

At midnight, the rain started. I could hear the rain hitting off my bicycle. Desperate for food, I ran to the kitchen. At the end of the kitchen, lay a yellow fruit bowl. Only an apple was in the bright bowl. Greedily I snatched the apple. The rain got louder and louder. I ran back upstairs as quick as lightning. I swore I heard ghosts and witches, but nothing was there. I warned my brother that there might be such things as ghosts. He ran into my parents room in horror only to find they weren’t our parents…

100 w/c by Ben

Once upon a time there was an old yellow house in a forest and it had no windows. After school my friend and I would check the house out but there was a man who warned us to stay away as this is private property. Suddenly there was a big explosion so I grabbed my bicycle and pedalled as fast as I could. The next day I was so desperate to try sneak in to the house. That night we snuck into the house and there was tons of money so I greedily stole half of it and was rich for the rest of my life.

The Time Warp by Jessica H

As the scientist assistant it is my job to check out the new inventions, this new one was a bit of a weird one. It was this big box I wasn’t quite sure what was in it. As I was checking, it out I accidentally fell inside it. My boss always told me never to go in one of his inventions.When I fell in, it transported me into a different dimension. After I got to the different dimension everything was fine then everything stopped and I saw everyone was frozen I didn’t know what was going on.

The Final by Bartosz

Ding ding ding as his iPhone alarm rang. This evening is the champions league final Berlin Athletic VS Catalans United. The match kicked off at Old Trafford at 19:00. There was no clear cut opportunities until the 24min Ross Ford hit the post from 25 meters out it comes to Cillian as he taps it in. 1-0 Catalans United, from tip off Idaomi equaliser saves the tear from Berlins supporters eyes. First half ended 1-1, 56min in into the second half Ben Flynn one on one with the keeper goal 2-1 wait VAR rules it out there was a foul on Bartosz on the lead up, nothing happened until the 94min Bartosz goes up for a bicycle kick then everything stopped and the ball went in all the Berlin fans cheered.

A Creepy Day by Aaron

One day I woke up and went to my friends house. At last, I got there and we played ps4 for a while until we got bored. Finally, we finished we went to this hidden room in Tesco we found the day before. Finally, we got there but there was a random tall man there we said hello but there was no reply. He turned around and said why are you here we said we found it yesterday. He told us why he was there he said he was seeing what time the world was going to stop. He said in about 10 seconds then everything stopped and we panicked but he said time will never unfreeze.

The Dream by Niamh

It was Saturday night. My mam and dad were gone out for dinner so we were being minded. We had to go to bed early because church was at 10 o’clock the next day. I was tired and fell asleep straight away. I had a dream that my friend robbed something from Dealz. The shopkeeper caught her and she had to pay for it. She said sorry and the shopkeeper said it is ok but don’t do it again! If you do, I will ring the police next time. We walked away then everything stopped and I woke up.

The Temple by Craig

Dan was going to explore the long forgotten temple, that was curved into a cave. It was filled with the most peculiar symbols in the world. Dan entered the temple. He was planning on going to the place where traps, were to reveal treasure. Most of the traps were broken so he thought he had a good chance. Suddenly, he was feeling like he should leave in front of him was a maze. After about six hours, he got past. He saw a gem with buttons he pressed one of the buttons then everything stopped and he dropped the gem.

100 w/c by Brian

One day me and my friends were going to the park, to play football. I met Aaron, Bart, Bartoz, Ben, Cillian and Emmanuel. It was four against three. The teams were me, Emmanuel and Cillian vs Bart, Bartoz, Ben and Aaron. We got tip since we had fewer players. I tipped it to Emmanuel who passed to Cillian. Cillian passed it to me, and I gave Emmanuel a through ball. He got past Bartoz and all he had to do was score, but Ben came out of nowhere and had given away a clear foul. Penalty but then everything stopped and…

All Ireland Final by Cillian

Yesterday my dad and I went to Croke Park to watch the Dublin vs Kerry match. The referee blew his whistle at 3:30 and the match started. Kerry started really strong and were already beating Dublin by 10 points just 15 minutes in. The referee blew his whistle for half-time and no one could believe their eyes, Dublin were losing by 20 points!!! When the second half started Dublin were attacking like they never had before and by the time there was only 5 minutes left Dublin were only down by 2 points. Suddenly in the last minute Dublin got a penalty because Dean Rock had been fouled in the small rectangle. Dean Rock went to take it then everything stopped and he blasted the ball into the top corner. Dublin ended up winning the final!

100 w/c by Ben

Once upon a time at the biggest carnival in Europe there was the biggest ferris wheel in the world and I was about to go on it. Shockingly when I went on it, I was at the top and then everything stopped and I was about to scream. The owner said it was just a little prank and he did it to everyone. After we decided to go to get something to eat and come back to the carnival in a while. When we reached back to the carnival it was closed because someone got sick on one of the rides and they shut down the carnival for the day.

Football by Charlie

Last week in school we played a football match. I was just about to shoot then everything stopped and I was the only thing moving. Or so I thought. Then I realised that everything was moving just really slowly. Then everything started to speed up again, I got tackled by Bartosz then he ran past me whilst I stood there dumbfounded. I could not decide if I had slowed everything down or someone or something had. I have got to leave for school now today we have P.E. I wonder if I will happen again.