The Wicked Witch by Jessica H

In the town there is a mean witch. Since every witch has a sidekick she has a giraffe her sidekick. There was this one kid called Molly ,she loved to bake crispy brown brownies. Molly believes that the witch is actually good. So she decided to make melted brownies for the witch. Molly finally reached the house of the witch. Molly knocked on the door the witch answered , her hair was so greasy. Molly has never seen anything like it .Molly handed the witch her brownies. When the witch took them she put salt on them instead of sugar which was disgusting. The witch said thank you to Molly so it turns out she was a really nice witch.

The New Chef by Holly

Dear diary…

Me and my family went to my favorite restaurant. There was this new chef working there. My brother laughed when he saw him, because his neck was as long as a giraffe. After an hour of waiting we got our food. When our food arrived everything was wrong. My Mam ordered sausages but instead she got this melted brown mess. My Dad ordered fish and chips but instead he got no fish and greasy chips. My brother ordered just chips but the chef added way too much salt. My food didn’t come. So I went to talk to the chef…

The Giraffe by Emmanuel

One day my brother and I were having a walk on the beach. He asked if we could go swimming. I said okay, we jumped in then I dipped my head in and the water tasted like salt. My brother busted out with laughter then said that I look like a greasy sea monster. He then said he was hungry so we decided to go get some ice-cream. When we went to get ice-cream the person serving the ice-cream was a giraffe. She had brown eyes and a great big with smile. We thought that we were dreaming, we were staring at her for so long our ice-cream melted.

Zoo by Oliver

Once apon a time there was a girl named Live.

Live was a zoo keeper and here best friend was a Giraffe.

One day when she was making food for her friend and she added brown salt .

When she put the food into the microwave it melted and it was greasy.

When the giraffe ate the food it went wild and turned into a penguin.

Live shouted”what happend, call a doctor he needs help.”

The penguin said” notting bad happend it was so good that I am in my normal form.”

“Thank you god”said Live.

The Zoo by Niamh

It was Saturday. It was a sunny day. I was going to the zoo. I left my house at 12:00 and got to the zoo 1:00pm. When I walked in the only thing I could see was a big giraffe! We were all hungry so e got chips when we got them they put way to much salt on them and they were all greasy, they were disgusting! We asked for our money back. We got ice-cream. I forgot all about mine and it melted! We went for a walk and I saw a brown thing so I walked up to it and it was poo on the path!

The Restaurant by Leon

It is my birthday today and it’s already getting dark. So my family and I decided we’ll go to a restaurant. I was looking for a name that would inspire me. 15 minute later I found it, THE TWENTY FOOT GIRAFFE!!!!! So I asked my parents can we go there. They agreed and so we got handed our menu. The menu is rather weird, for example salted banana with what seemed be greasy brown… stuff. And sadly it was the most normal thing there so I piked it. Well all of us picked it. The only way I can describe it was salty.