The Wicked Witch by Jessica H

In the town there is a mean witch. Since every witch has a sidekick she has a giraffe her sidekick. There was this one kid called Molly ,she loved to bake crispy brown brownies. Molly believes that the witch is actually good. So she decided to make melted brownies for the witch. Molly finally reached the house of the witch. Molly knocked on the door the witch answered , her hair was so greasy. Molly has never seen anything like it .Molly handed the witch her brownies. When the witch took them she put salt on them instead of sugar which was disgusting. The witch said thank you to Molly so it turns out she was a really nice witch.

The New Chef by Holly

Dear diary…

Me and my family went to my favorite restaurant. There was this new chef working there. My brother laughed when he saw him, because his neck was as long as a giraffe. After an hour of waiting we got our food. When our food arrived everything was wrong. My Mam ordered sausages but instead she got this melted brown mess. My Dad ordered fish and chips but instead he got no fish and greasy chips. My brother ordered just chips but the chef added way too much salt. My food didn’t come. So I went to talk to the chef…

The Giraffe by Emmanuel

One day my brother and I were having a walk on the beach. He asked if we could go swimming. I said okay, we jumped in then I dipped my head in and the water tasted like salt. My brother busted out with laughter then said that I look like a greasy sea monster. He then said he was hungry so we decided to go get some ice-cream. When we went to get ice-cream the person serving the ice-cream was a giraffe. She had brown eyes and a great big with smile. We thought that we were dreaming, we were staring at her for so long our ice-cream melted.

Zoo by Oliver

Once apon a time there was a girl named Live.

Live was a zoo keeper and here best friend was a Giraffe.

One day when she was making food for her friend and she added brown salt .

When she put the food into the microwave it melted and it was greasy.

When the giraffe ate the food it went wild and turned into a penguin.

Live shouted”what happend, call a doctor he needs help.”

The penguin said” notting bad happend it was so good that I am in my normal form.”

“Thank you god”said Live.

The Zoo by Niamh

It was Saturday. It was a sunny day. I was going to the zoo. I left my house at 12:00 and got to the zoo 1:00pm. When I walked in the only thing I could see was a big giraffe! We were all hungry so e got chips when we got them they put way to much salt on them and they were all greasy, they were disgusting! We asked for our money back. We got ice-cream. I forgot all about mine and it melted! We went for a walk and I saw a brown thing so I walked up to it and it was poo on the path!

The Restaurant by Leon

It is my birthday today and it’s already getting dark. So my family and I decided we’ll go to a restaurant. I was looking for a name that would inspire me. 15 minute later I found it, THE TWENTY FOOT GIRAFFE!!!!! So I asked my parents can we go there. They agreed and so we got handed our menu. The menu is rather weird, for example salted banana with what seemed be greasy brown… stuff. And sadly it was the most normal thing there so I piked it. Well all of us picked it. The only way I can describe it was salty.

The Nights Before Christmas by Emily

The evenings were getting dark and icy. My buddy and I would put water on the path if the water on the path . If we knew there was going to be frost that night. We would check if the water was frozen. After we slid gently up and down the paths but we would have to be careful in case somebody put salt on the path. The frost would be melted.My little sister was delighted to get a huge brown and yellow giraffe. It was as tall as mr Gorman.I was thrilled that I got a bike. I test it in my back garden and my dad said “be careful the chain was greasy”.

World War III by Darragh

Carl Brown was sitting in his armchair. He had a bowl of salt gripped firmly in his hand. Suddenly the ground started to shake. He panicked he was terrified he didn’t know what to do. He ran outside when he got outside he looked up and saw bombs dropping. He ran to the bomb shelter. He ran as fast as he could until he heard a gun fire. Right in front of him was the corpse of a dead giraffe. He felt frozen he couldn’t move he could feel grease dipping from his head. He saw all the people running then he heard the gun fire again he looked down and saw blood on his shirt he shouted for ice he looked beside him and saw a store he ran to it. He went to the freezer aisle, but every thing was frozen. Suddenly he collapsed he didn’t know what was happening he looked up and saw a silhouette of a man…

The Shop by Craig

I went to the shop, I saw that a new shop called Greasy, with brown and peach paterned walls. A guy was making baloon animals I asked for a giraffe but he did not do them so, I went to another section of the shop. A another guy was selling salt and pepper for some reason with nothing else. I went into my favourite shop Melted it had games, most of the time there is a sale and has nice not grumpy workers. I found this really cool game but I did not have enough money so I left in a huff.

Mam’s Birthday by Cillian

It was my mam’s birthday yesterday and my mam my dad and I had decided to go to a restaurant called The Giraffe. When we arrived the waiter greeted us and brought us to our table. The waiter brought us the menus and we chose what we wanted. I said I wanted a ham pizza my mam said she wanted spicy wings and my dad said he wanted a large burger with a special sauce made out of brown sauce and a type of African salt. When the waiter brought out the food dads eyes sparkled with joy because the burger looked so juicy and greasy and the melted cheese was running down the side of the burger. Over all the food was delicious. We all had a great day.

Mr Brown by Cian

Let me tell you a story about a primary school teacher called Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown was a normal teacher until he went to the land of the giraffe where, he met his new best friend Peter A. Salt. When Mr Brown was there, he rescued Peter from the yeti in the mountains and ever since then he has been right by his side. Brown said he would go back, but the snow was all melted because of global warming and an oil spill which was too greasy for the environment. That is why he never went back.

Mr Brown by Charlie

I was in school when all of a sudden a giraffe walked in and said “Hello my name is Mr Brown and I will be your substitute for today”. Everyone was looking at him gasping then he took one more step forward and hit his head, everyone burst out laughing. He ignored is walked up to the teachers desk and picked up the greasy marker our teacher always used. He put some sums on the whiteboard and pulled some salt out of his bag and started eating it. Then we all stared in horror as he melted away. I waked up and looked at the can of salt. It read


100 w/c by Ben

Once upon a time was a man called Mr Brown. He owned a banana company called Giraffe. One day he decided to get a pack of bananas from his step brother to see what they tasted like. When he ordered the bananas the next day they came melted and mushy. Mr Brown took one and said it had way too much salt. Before the meeting he had he was late because his hair was greasy and he needed a shower. When he showed up to the meeting his step brother was there and he said he made the bananas four months ago. Angrily Mr Brown stood up and punched his brother and he was never seen again.

The Zoo by Bartosz

This Morning I woke up to a suprise. Straight after breakfast my Mam told me we were going to the zoo, at around half 2. I got dressed and watched a video on my phone. When we were in the car my parents asked what we wanted to see, I said a brown Giraffe and my brother James said lion. First of all we ate lunch in a little restaurant I got chips they were really I mean really salty. James said he wanted pizza but it wasn’t on the menu so he got a greasy burger, I got a drink with ice but it melted straight away. We got to see the lions last and then went home.

Mr Brown and the Griaffe

Mr Brown is a very strange man, he lives in an apartment, which is normal, although his pet is not very normal his pet is a………..GIRAFFE!!!

Mr Brown’s rooms roof is sooooooo tall so that the giraffe can stand. The giraffe is spoilt rotten it is very fat, for dinner it eats, chips with salt and for dessert, brownies and melted caramel, every day!!! The giraffe does not get cleaned at all so it is really greasy, reason being Mr Brown is really lazy.

Sometimes, Mr Brown tries to sneak the giraffe into school with him (Mr Brown is a teacher) but Ms Costello the principle always finds out.

100 w/c by Jessica M

One day in a beautiful town there was an extremely important scientist who wanted to travel the world. The scientist decided he would go to a land far, far away where nobody had been in years. When he arived he found parrots and wanted to do an experiment on them. While he was doing the experiment something went wrong, he realised he had used the wrong potion and the parrot ended up having wings like a bat. The potion was very contagious and all the other parrots had bat wings aswell. He decided to call them Parrobats.

The Alien Apocalypse by Cian

It’s day 43 of evacuation from earth, nothing has really happened on the ship mainly just because I’m trying to survive. Right now, I’m feeling worse than ever, my family were killed by the inter-dimensional creatures and I’m all alone. Earth is probably gone, well I wouldn’t know because the satellites were destroyed by the creatures. I’m trying to find a planet that has any sort of oxygen source so I can try to adapt life there, I don’t want to be living in this ship for the rest of my life. The last thing I’m going to say is if anyone is alive on earth reply to this message.

Space by Charlie

Crraaasssshhhhh! My crew and I had just crash landed on an alien planet. We got out of the space shuttle and looked around, just then my crew member Emmanuel came out he said “our communications device is broken”. I told him to go and start fixing it whilst I took Cillian and Brian with me to explore the perimeter. We stumbled upon a swamp with small trees. We were looking around when all of a sudden little furry aliens jumped out from behind the trees with some sort of bow they shot Brian in the leg then dragged him behind a tree, Cillian and I barely escaped.

The Gobbling Well by Jessica H

We all went to the forest. As we were walking we came across a stump. But it wasn’t from a tree it went deeper and deeper and deeper .One of my friends thought it would be a great idea if we went down it. I said no but they went down so I went down as well . It was horrible it looked like there were seals wrapped in seaweed. To be honest I felt like I was going to puke because of the horrific stench. For some reason we kept on going further and further and then we got lost. I wondered if we would make it out…

Everything Changed by Holly

It was 3am the wind was howling, branches were hitting off my bedroom window. I couldn’t sleep so I decided to gaze out the window. The longer I stared outside the more strange everything looked. Trees were turning different colors, the sky was yellow and the stars were falling from the sky. Suddenly I saw a rather odd army of wet aliens trying to climb up to my window. They were making weird noises like “ goo blah gaa ooh boo”. I was terrified. I closed my eyes as I asked God and his angels to protect me. When I opened my eyes everything was gone…

Mysterious Island by Emily

My family and I were traveling on a boat trip around Caribbean Sea. We got on the boat. We went to different islands. The last island. The man left us on the island and said “I will be back in a few hours”. We went exploring the island. It was like we were in paradise. We were amazed at the beautful scenery.Suddenly we came into a clearing.It was like we were in a different planet.From a distance it looked like creatures coming up from the ground.We were scared.Eventually when we got closer we saw that it was just tree stumbs covered in lichen and moss.

The Planet by Darragh

Sam laid on the floor. He got up and saw that his space ship had crashed. He got out and looked around. He saw lots of trees. He walked into a forest. He came up to a river. Suddenly he heard a noise he ran into hide. He found a ditch so he ran into as fast as he could. He made it he decided to sleep but suddenly he heard shuffling he turned around but nothing he looked out of the ditch and saw an animal it looked like a giant spider. He crouched down lower he was terrified of what the spider could do. Suddenly he felt something touching his back he turned around and saw a…

The Bog Full of Aliens by Craig

This little boy called Ethan, is a smart boy. He went to get breakfast in the shop. He went in and bought a sausage roll. On the way home he met his friend Andrew. Andrew said “This is a short cut” — ” then it is that way we go ” Ethan interrupted. Suddenly they saw a bog filled with Aleins! They ran as fast as they could, faster than the alien itself. When out of the area they still ran heart pounding, the fastest ever recorded. Ethan pushed Andrew on the ground and shouted” better you than me!” Still runing, ” why ?” shouted Andrew

100 w/c by Mia

Aliens were going to invade. So N.A.S.A had to end Operation Soar and revert to establishing a new mission to explore Jupiter. Ruefully, I entered the spaceship . Enraged that this was the mission. Well I would be seeing as I was the only female on board . These men were SO annoying! Though I had to seeing as ‘I was the only one with a degree in astrophysics’ . The spaceship was adequate. After a short flight of about 6 weeks. We finally arrived! As we exited the ship we saw aliens! Running, we went back to the ship.

Zombie Apocalypse by Niamh

It was Saturday 1967. I was only 5 years old. It was 5:00am. I looked out of my window and all I could see was a crowd. I got dressed and went out to have a look at them. When I got closer they started to make a sound and to me they sounded like Zombies! I touched one and in a flash it was up chasing me. It was a Zombie! I did not know what to do because my whole family were still in asleep. To make the situation worse the Zombies were covered with moss.

Planet Earth by Oliver

Boom! Bang!

“Help, I am going down!” said a pilot.

One tiny planet was geting attacked by a colossal ship.

Swiftly one plane was almost destroyed by the ship but he crashed.

The planet was destroyed and they went to planet earth.

The aliens went to earth and started to blend in.

It did not work out so the FBI went after them.

One FBI agent had a cloning machine and the clone was a machine.

All of the aliens escaped and went to planet mars only one alien was left on earth.

It was almost a good ending.

100 w/c by Zach

One dark cloudy day the chief witch sent a letter to every witch across the world. It

said :

To all my fellow witches,

I am calling you to a witch gathering of the witches across the globe,

Look sharp as all the witches across the planet will be there,

Guess where it is from the picture.

From the chief witch Margo:

All the witches looked the same they had white hair, hunched backs, black cloaks and pale faces. Every witch knew where it was. It was a four day walk! Most of the witches took their magic spell books to find nothing!

100 w/c by Brian

One day when I was with my friends we were on a walk when we discovered a mysterious forest. It had dead animals in it. We went in to discover and it was very interesting. They looked like seals. We figured we should leave in case we weren’t supposed to be there, but as we were leaving we ran into a guard , and we ran for our lives! We kept running and running when my friend tripped over a branch. We all helped him up but as we were helping him up we heard something behind! Did we get away…..!

100 w/c by Ben


“Mam what was that noise? ”Son don’t worry,

I never told you about the alien apocalypse that was about to start.

Mam where are we gonna hide we can’t stay in our house it will be destroyed by the aliens?

Don’t worry there is a safe bunker underneath the river they will never find us.

Sure when will we be leaving Mam?

At 12pm sharp tomorrow,

we will need some snacks and drinks to stay alive.

“Son we’re leaving now hurry up the aliens will come after us we need to sprint as fast as we can”.

The Monster(s) by Ashley

After hours of trying to get asleep, finally I doze off and when I wake I find myself in a forest!?!

All these questions were running through my head…….

How did I get here?

Where are my family?

Who lives here?

What lives here?

I look around me, the place is empty. I decide to walk around to see if anyone is here.

The forest was like a swamp. leaves and muck everywhere.

All of a sudden I here a strange voice, like in another language, I turn around to see a creature it was black and brown with wings like a bat.

I screamed. Thank god there’s only one I thought……. or not!!!! There was hundreds, all trying to eat me!

What will I do next, I thought………