100 w/c by Zach

One day there was a boy named Tim he was sent to a boarding school. He had the meanest head teacher they had to be in bed by 8 O’ clock. Tim was well known for not going to bed at this time. One night the head teacher checked everyone’s bed. The head teacher said “Tim’s bed is empty. What a supprise, it’s not the first time he has done this.”

Everyone tried to find him but none of the teachers could find him. People say that they still haven’t found him to this day.

Party by Oliver

Once upon a time there was a girl named Lily and her family was rich.

She got an invitation to a super cool party.

She looked in her dresser and said “What shall I wear? O.m.g. empty. What a surprise!”

She went to a shop and picked a dress with diamonds.

When she went to the party everbody said”Wow! Fantastic, not.”

“Daddy you said the dress was perfect,” said Lily

“Well he was wrong, little princess!” said a random girl.

Lily left the party and cried in her bed and never went to another party.

Shopping by Niamh

It was Saturday. I was going shopping with my mam to the Pavilions. We went to Penneys and I got clothes for my holidays. After we went shopping we went to get McDonalds I got chips and a ham burger. My mam got chips and a ham burger too. We went home and I opened the door of my house and “hello” nobody answered my house was empty. What a surprise…so we rang my dad to see where he was. He went on a long walk with my little brother and my little sister. When they came home we did a fashion show.

100 w/c by Mia

I woke up I wearily decided I would have a latte so I opened the coffee machine it was empty. What a surprise. So I resisted the urge to go back to bed and went to the shop. I bought coffee beans in a glass jar as plastic is a threat to the environment. On the way home I spotted a jagged stone . It was shining and clear . Diamonds! So I ran home , got a shovel and dug up the rock. I wrapped it carefully in a cloth and took it to a precious jewel store. I could could vaguely hear an electric guitar solo but I was too excited. They said it was a diamond. I got lots of money.

Treasure Hunt by Leon

Atlantic Ocean September 6th 1962.

It was raining cats and dogs outside, the crew were sweeping the floors when they unexpectedly hit land.The captain looked outside and…

“Where in the name of God are we?”

The island looked like about 1000 ship wreckages smashed into each other.

“This must be the ship grave yard from the map the treasure must be somewhere here,”said a crew member.

The next day they set out for the hunt. It took all morning but when they finally found the chest. The captain opened it.

“It’s Empty What a surprise.” They looked and looked but they never found it.

Birthday Surprise by Jessica H

Today is going to be the best day ever. Its my birthday I’m so excited for my birthday presents. I was so excited I even invited my worst enemy for no reason, I guess I felt kind and excited. When my enemy came over she brought a gift over. I went into the kitchen and opened it it was empty. What a surprise I knew she wasn’t going to get me something. Why did I even invite her. After all my friends came we played different games and had cake. Today was a great day even though I didn’t get as many presents as I wanted.

100 w/c by Jessica M

… Empty. What a surprise! As John was walking through Miss O’ Neill’s house he realised every single bit of furniture was gone and so was Miss O’Neill. John started to panic and rang 999. Officer Pete picked up the phone and asked what was wrong. When he heard Pete’s story he asked who he was, John told the Garda his name. Pete said” John are you Miss O’ Neill’s window cleaner? “, ” yes I am” said John. “Miss O’ Neill moved house did she not tell you about it” said Pete. “The moving truck was out there yesterday.” “Phew” said John, “panic over.”

The Robber by Emmanuel

Once upon a time in Dublin,Ireland there was a wanted Robber who went to everyone’s house when they were out. He would steal everything and I mean everything. A family that just moved into the country left their house to go to a new fancy restaurant. They got home and everything was gone. They called the police, the police got to the crime scene. One police officer said to another officer.’ This place is empty’. What a surprise he said sarcastically, the police informed the family about the robber, the family left the country were never to be seen again

Christmas Day by Aaron

One Christmas evening I went to have dinner in my Nana and Grandads. When we got there, there were sweets and food to eat. My sister and I were so excited for Christmas day after eating we went home and went to bed straight away. A few hours later we got up for Christmas. When I got down I went to open a present but it was empty. What a surprise I was so upset and when my sister opened hers it was empty too. We were both crying and our mam and dad were laughing, but then they gave us our real presents.

The Tomb by Darragh

James was sitting on a bus. He was going on a tour to Egypt. Suddenly the bus stopped. He got off the bus. Right in front of him was a giant hill of sand. He went up the hill. He was struggling to climb on his hands but then suddenly he felt metal. He dusted off the sand and found a hatch. He opened it and he couldn’t see anything. He grabbed a lighter from his pocket and crawled in. It felt like he was crawling for ever. Then suddenly he saw light. He kept on crawling. When he got there he saw a gold coffin he opened it but it was empty. ‘What surprised,’he said.

The Box by Craig

Zach was walking home from school when he saw, a woman on the street.

” Oh young fellow can you take care of my box”? she asked.

” I guess” replied Zach nervously.

” Return it here at 8:00 in the morning and whatever you do, do not open it, clear” she whispered

“Clear ” replied Zach nervously again.

Zach went home and straight to his room. His friend came over,

“Open it! ” said his friend.

” No! ” said Zach straight away.

“Then I will!” he snapped lunging for the box.

He opened it, empty. What a surprise.” It does not make sense” said Zach

Treasure Chest by Cillian

In the fifth century there was a clan of pirates called the Skullrippers. They were the most powerful, the most fiercest and the meanest pirates in all of the seven seas. One day their captain Richard Heath AKA Scar found a treasure map on shore. He looked at where the X was and realised that it was miles away. He was reluctant to not go and set off with his crew. It was a long and tough journey but they eventually reached an island. They spotted a cave and saw something shiny. It was the treasure chest! They opened it but it was empty. What a surprise!

The Magic Box by Cian

It was home time and Sam was just about to leave the classroom when suddenly he heard a strange ticking sound. Sam looked around the entire classroom until eventually he figured out that the sound was coming from the box beside the teacher’s desk. Sam carefully examined the box looking to see where the ticking sound was coming from. After a while Sam got bored because he couldn’t figure out where the noise was coming from, then suddenly the ticking noise got louder and louder until it turned into a screeching noise. Sam panicked so he lifted the box carelessly and said “its empty. What a surprise” then suddenly he was sucked into the box and was never to be seen again.

The Taxi by Charlie

My family and I went on a holiday to Orlando in America. We got into a taxi and started driving towards our hotel that was half an hour away. I started playing games in my phone, about ten minutes past then all of a sudden the taxi came to a stop. The driver checked the bonnet of the car but nothing was wrong there, he got back in and looked at the fuel light it was red. He told us that the fuel tank was empty. What a surprise and not a pleasant one because the hotel was still twenty minutes away…

100 w/c by Brian

One day I was going to KFC with my friends Aaron, Sean, Matthew and Emmanuel. I was getting a box of chicken wings. When it was ready I went up to get it and it was empty. What a surprise. I went up to the desk and asked for a new box and they gave me a new one. It was nice. When we were done we went to my house and played football. After two hours we went too our houses. Then we called each other and started playing fortnite together and we got two wins. It was an amazing day.

100 w/c by Ben

Yesterday was my 11th birthday. I went to Bounce N Beyond. When we got there we got our socks on and went jumping. After a while I saw someone do four flips. Suddenly I heard someone get sick all over the place and we had to leave. My family and I went to a one star restaurant. One time I heard someone got nothing from a happy meal. When the food came I opened the happy meal and of course it was empty. What a surprise that there was absolutely nothing in it.

The Prize by Bartosz

On Saturday John’s Mam said if he went to the shop and got things to make spaghetti he would be rewarded. He went to the shop. It all was going fine until he realised he needed the sauce. The only other place to get that sauce was on the other side of town. He started running but he dropped his meat balls. He picked them back up. Finally he got the sauce and went back and prepared his meal. His mam came back and saw what he made.

Let me get you a cookie from the jar, empty. What a surprise.

The Sneak Peak – by Ashley

It is my birthday tomorrow, my mam and dad said that they already got my present.

I know where they put presents for my sisters and I, they put them in a drawer in their bedroom.

You know what? I think I might go and look in the drawer now just to see! (but don’t tell anyone)

The drawer was empty. What a surprise!

“Emmm, may I help you?” a voice came from behind me. It was my mam.

“Oh, I… er…I was just looking for -” I said getting interrupted. ”Come on go to bed now.” my mam said.

It was morning and I was getting my presents, I heard sounds from a box and when I opened it a puppy jumped out!!!

“So thats why the drawer was empty.” I thought to myself.

The New Baby by Abby

One sunny afternoon Abigail was walking home from school. She was at her front door and everything looked different so she ran in and up to her room. “Mam! she shouted how come my room is empty? What a surprise is it?”

Their house was getting done up. Abigail is getting her attic done, a new front door, new carpet, new kitchen counters, new sofa and last but not least is her room. The reason is her mam is going to have a new baby boy! Her face went pale with shock.  Abigail will be having the attic, her brother will have her old room…..

St Patrick’s Day Parade by Emily

The date was 17th of March. We all woke up and got dressed in green, orange and white for the parade. My mam painted our faces with green shamrocks. My sister and I went to get flags and leprechaun hats. We were all ready to go. On the way to the parade we got sweets in the shop. We were waiting for a while. Then we heard the brass brand. The scouts were first in the parade. After the scout the clubs came, I saw a lot of my friends. At the end of the parade the vintage cars,gaint trackers came. A women dressed as a clown was giving out sweets. When she got to me. The bag was empty. What a surprise .