The New House by Craig

One day Jack saw that the builders were making a new house. It was being built by Coins The Company. Jack loved that they made new pavements. He looked over his fence and saw a shallow pool and residents. Suddenly a man on the ladder fell sinking into the pool. What a tragic disaster! Jack examined the front of the house and saw they wanted it the colour red. It looked like it would be done in a week. Jack desired to know who was moving in there, it was then he went to school that he heard his teacher was moving in there!

Cloud by Darragh

Jake walked on the pavement. He went towards a ladder. He climbed up it. He was on a cloud it seemed to be moving. He saw other people on clouds. He didn’t know what was happening. Suddenly they were sinking into the clouds Jake grabbed what ever he could find but for some reason his hand went through the clouds. He fell, it felt like forever, but suddenly he saw ground. When he hit the ground the terrain was red and there was fire everywhere. Jake was frightened. He got up and walked around. He came across a giant throne made from bones…

100 w/c Ben

In 1992 there was a well called Sinking coins. It was located on an Island off the coast of France. Thousand of tourists would visit and drop a red coin in the well. In August a rich man came to the well and dropped 15,000 coins. My partner said we should go sometime. After August we decided to go to the well. Outside the airport there was a ladder on the pavement and I walked through it by accident. At the gate we missed our flight because the plane left 10 minutes early. I said we should never walk under a ladder because it’s bad luck. We went home and looked for other flights to get to France.

Crash Boom by Cian

German bombs are flying everywhere, I don’t know what do, I can’t find my family and everywhere is red and wet with blood. I crouch under a table in my house that is destroyed now by the bombs. I hear screams as I examine the room to find a safe way out. As I began to creep through the ruins of my house, I saw some dirty coins on the floor. Suddenly the black rain got heavier and heavier, it arose from the pavement and transformed into large puddles. I had to get out of the house. I saw an old ladder, I used it to get up to the remains of the roof. I huddled down in the tight space hoping I would survive.

The Test by Jessica H

All 5th classes had a huge test. The test was for science and maths. Our test book was the colour red, with a ladder on the top with numbers inside of the ladder. All of a sudden , one of the students fell over trying to get a coin off the pavement. She was okay the school nurse examined her and she was fine. We all went back to our test. Once we finished my only desire was to pass the test. We got our results and I failed, I felt like sinking into a dark shallow room. I was now a resident of the b group until our next test.

The Day A Bird Talked To Me by Charlie

One day I was cycling to school when all of a sudden it started raining red coins. They started hitting the pavement. The rain of coins focused onto one spot, they started sinking into each other ,they expanded into a ladder that reached the clouds. A bird flew down and landed beside me he said, “Climb to the top and you will receive a homework pass!” I agreed. About ten minutes later a bird flew into me an I almost fell off, but I kept going, eventually I got to the top. The bird congratulated me then he tapped his foot and the entire ladder collapsed. I woke up on the ground beside my bike…

Ladder by Oliver

Once upon a time there was a ladder that was clear, red and was alive.

He helped people but he never got something back.

One day he sank into a pavement and people gave him coins.

The next day people came with a hammer and damaged the pavement.

He was happy but then the person left the pavement on the legs.

He said” flip! Now he will use me.”

The person used him as a ladder but he always spilled the paint and then the next year he was just a ladder.

“The ladder is not clear red an more” he said.

The Builders by Abby

An early, noisy, snowing morning Eavan woke up from some builders. Eavan saw they were putting down pavement. Before they put down new pavement they used a kango to take up the old path. Then the man took out his ladder from his big yellow truck and he put the ladder against the path. Every step he took the colours changed like this red, orange, yellow, green, blue and the repeated till he got to the top. His work was done, suddenly the ladder started sinking and sinking he reached the bottom and found millions of coins.

‘I saw everything,’ said Eavan.

100 w/c by Jessica M

One day John the window cleaner was on his way to his usual 10:00am job at Miss O’Neill’s house. He was walking to her house with his bright red ladder in his hands. Suddenly he got this sinking feeling and started sprinting. As he was sprinting down the road he tripped up over a pile of golden coins. He thought he was in luck but realised that they belonged to a lady standing next to him. He got distracted for a minute but then that sinking feeling came back. When he got to the house he noticed blood stains on the pavement and Miss O’Neill was no where to be seen…

A Fun Day by Aaron

One morning I woke up and I had to go to my boss to get coins to pay for a red ladder for the building site. Once we were done with the ladder we started to build a pavement. After we made the pavement I went home and went for dinner with my dad. Then when we were done we went to play football with my dog. When we got there my dog got very excited. She got tired very fast because she was running a lot. After a will we went back and washed my dog then we had pancakes for pancake Tuesday.

The Titanic by Ashley

I am a crew member of the Titanic and I will tell you a bit of information….

While the people were building the Titanic the residents of the inspecting company came to examine the ship and said to put the ship into shallow water to see if it would float and it did. The ship had red at the bottom and lots of ladders.

Finally the ship was about set sail, lots of passengers scurried down the pavement posing for the old fashioned cameras (passengers were so excited they kept on dropping coins).

As the ship was maybe half way there the Titanic tragically hit an ice-berg sending it sinking in a couple of hours after the crew members saying ‘the coast is clear’, lots of people sadly died.

I’ll never forget the Titanic.

The Park by Niamh

It was early in the morning. I was on a walk with my family. I was on the way to the shops and we saw someone with a ladder. After we went to the park. On the way I saw a bird that was dead with red thick blood all around it. When we got there my dad’s coins fell out of his pockets. On the way home my sister stepped on a pavement that wasn’t set and my sister was sinking. We all had to pull her out. We got home and we had a shower and got into our pyjamas!

The Oscars by Mia

On Sunday I woke up and watched a documentary about sinking ships. At 8 PM I was going to the Oscars. Since I am the only resident of the house the landlord only had to examine to see if the bowl was clean and then handed it to me. I wore a red suit to the Oscars. On the way I slipped on the pavement. When I arrived I spent a dollar coin on popcorn and a drink . The cup had a ladder on it. At the show Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper sung Shallow. A girl behind me moaned tragically about my hair.

The Red Dog – Bartosz

One day in Berlin Germany a dog was born. This dog was very special because it was red. When he was a little puppy he was examined by lots of doctors. One doctor by the name of Mr Ladder gave him a treat the size of a coin. He treasured it for a long time. One day he brought it outside he was half way down the street suddenly it started lashing he dropped his treat on to the pavement and it stared sinking into it. The dog went to look for it. It took him a long but he found nothing ,but he went back to Doctor Ladder and he got another one the dog was happy.