The Beach by Niamh

It was a sunny day. I was down in Wexford for the Summer. I went to the beach with my family and friends for the day. After the beach we went to have dinner in a restaurant. I ordered chicken nuggets and chips. When my dinner came I tasted one of the chicken nuggets the vinegar was too sharp that I could not eat them. We told the person in charge and we got more chicken nuggets. We also got dessert free of charge because we complained! When we went home we got into our pyjamas and got into bed.

Christmas Dinner by Cillian

It was Christmas Eve and my whole family were having dinner at my granny and grandad’s house. My granny,grandad,mam and I were preparing the food. We approximately made 15 tapas and 2 fish. When the food was ready we all sat at table. The food was lovely. My aunty said the salad was gorgeous but the vinegar was too sharp. Later me and my cousins went the sitting room and talked about how frantic we were to get presents. Earlier I had bought Christmas crackers. We opened them and had great fun. That was a wonderful Christmas Eve.

The Angry Man by Ashley

Last year I went on holidays with my family to Spain, there was a big swimming pool with a slide and a gorgeous buffet.

My family and I were at a vivid restaurant with another buffet when all of a sudden a shabby looking man jumps out of his seat mocking the waiters, apparently the vinegar was too sharp. He also said that the vinegar made him feel queasy, he also did not look very healthy this could be down to malnutrition if he’s eating from a buffet all the time. The man started to become pretty violent so my family and I went to another restaurant with lobsters which made my sisters very frantic.

My Day By Bartosz

Today I woke up at 7 O’clock. I went down to eat my breakfast,it was delicious I got pancakes and tea. I washed the plate and my favourite cup. I watched Manchester United play Chelsea. United came up on top the score was 3-1. Rashford scored 2 and Pogba scored one. They conscided one goal,Eden hazard with a beautiful free kick. After a while I went to knock for Ben Emmanuel and my other friend Roy. We went to dunnes I got the chipper , it was delicious but the vinegar was too sharp. I went home got into bed and went asleep.

Food Fight by Leon

The UK (United Kokonut) vs the USA (United Sausages of the Avocado). It started as just an argument of the Amazing Avocado and the Cool Kokonut. Some fruits say it’s all becouse of Mr. Kokonut that had demanded more kokonut trees and if he didn’t get them he would send his army with vinegar guns to melt down Amazing Avocado’s sausage army. Some also say that the Amazing Avocado screamed and shouted: “NO!! On weapon try outs the vinegar was too sharp and got banned. As soon as he said that an army jumped out and and melted every sausage in the room but the Amazing Avocado escaped and called war.

The Big Catch by Cian

It was a dull rainy day at Balbriggan harbour as John was fishing for cod. He had been out for an hour and had caught nothing so far. John was very bored and just wanted to catch five fresh cod so he could cook them for dinner. It took another two hours until he caught a fish, but it was worth it because he caught the biggest codfish in the world. No one knew what John did except me and I swore not to tell anyone as long I could have dinner at his house. John cooked the gigantic cod nicely but in my opinion the vinegar on it was too sharp.

100 w/c by Ben

Last monday me and my friend Anto went to the chipper for his after party. We went to a place called Borza. It has the best chicken in town. When we got there we ordered our food. I got chicken and chips with salt and vinegar. Anto got the same as me. After we got the food we went home and ate it. Anto said the vinegar was too sharp and there was too much salt. Then his Mam came in and stole his chips and he said she always does this. After we went outside and played football.

100 w/c Zach

I had started running swerving past the dark oak trees! I got a glance of a very shabby looking cottage. So I ran in frantically in search of some food.( I hadn’t eaten in three whole days). I found some red vivd kitchen doors. I found some vinegar I was so desperate I drank some. I spat it out as soon as I tasted it, the vinegar was too sharp. All of a sudden I fell asleep then I woke up to people mocking me. I still felt a bit queasy from the vinegar. All of a sudden I puked every where.

Master Chef by Oliver

Once upon a time there was scientist and he was also a Chef.

People always mocked him and he always was shabby.

“Let’s make some chips but shall I add vinegar or salt? I know I’ll do both.” said the Chef.

When he put the vinegar on the chips, he shrunk himself down and added the salt.

He took a lick out of the chip and he got queasy and he said”This vinegar was too sharp.”

“Oh no the vivid light turned off.” said the Chef.

The light turned on and he looked at the time ,he was frantic.

A Night Out by Aaron

One evening I my mam my dad and sister went to the Harvest.When we got there we ordered, I got chicken goujons my sister got a burger and chips my mam got a burger too and my dad got lasangne. When my sister got her chips she said the vineger was too sharp so she asked to a new plate of chips with no vineger. I loved my food and my mam and dad when my sister got her chips she said they were gorgeous. Soon later we asked for dessert we loved it when we got home we all went to bed.

Rhys the Chef by Rhys

‘The vinegar is too sharp’, said the chef.

‘Look at that meal it looks delicious’, said the delivery man.

‘I sure would love some of that delicious food what is it?’ said the delivery man.

‘Well it is carbonara with vinegar on it an a portion of chicken tenders’, said the chef.

‘Hi I’m looking for the nicest meal in town. I would like to try your best food’, said the inspector.

‘Well that would have to be the carbonara with vinegar.’

‘And a portion of chicken tenders would be nice,’ said the inspector.

‘If you look around every body is eating it. The restaurant is all about different types of food and even from Egypt,’ said the chef.

100 w/c by Brian

One day I was with my friends and we went to the chipper. I got vinegar and salt on my chips, but the vinegar was too sharp. I ate it anyway. When we were all finished we went to the green and played football. About ten minutes into the match my friend got injured and we had to call 999! He broke his foot! After that we called his mam and she stayed in hospital with him. We went to the ice cream shop and I got a vivid vanilla ice cream and my friend got a ice cream called the frantic swirl. It was nice it was a good day.

Bottles by Darragh

James sat in a cold arm chair. He got up. His legs were stiff. He went to the fridge. He looked for food but all he saw was vinegar. He looked at the vinegar it was a vivid colour. He tasted it the vinegar was too sharp. He put it back and went outside. When he was walking he saw vinegar bottles everywhere. He went to his friends house. He knocked on the door. Nobody answered he knocked again. Then the door opened he stepped in bottles were everywhere. He looked around nobody was there. He went outside he ran as fast as he could. Then he tripped the bottles were going around him pulling him down…

The Vinegar by Emmanuel

Today was going to be Emmanuel’s first time tasting vinegar. He did not like the smell of vinegar, he thought that it smelt absolutely disgusting. One day after school Emmanuel and his friends decided to buy chips and that Emmanuel would taste vinegar for the first time. The vinegar was too sharp shouted Emmanuel. Emmanuel and his friends got home his friends decided to play a prank on him. They went downstairs into the kitchen opened up the press and took out the vinegar. They got a glass of water and put vinegar into it, and gave it to Emmanuel!

The Magic Vinegar by Charlie

I had just passed the ball to my friend in the box when suddenly a bottle of vinegar fell out of the sky and hit him on the head. He was knocked out cold, I poured water over his head. He woke up and smacked the bottle of out my hand. He said his head was throbbing. We dared him to drink some of the vinegar that nocked him out he said “fine” and reluctantly drank from it he said “the vinegar was too sharp” and made a disgusted expression on his face. We started to play football again but this time he was running faster. He was just a blur running to get the ball.

The Take-Away by Craig

We never in our life had a takeaway. But I am sure that’s gonna change.

” Dad can I get a takeaway”? I asked.

“Why”? he repyled.

“Oh you know school project,” I lied.

Dad sighed.

“Fine.” Dad said.

“What was that?” I said just to annoy him of course.


I really annoyed him that time I thought. We got a chinse takeaway.

“So what do want with it?” Dad asked

“Vinegear and ketchup,” I replied.

The vinegear was too sharp.

“What has this got to do with your project?” asked Dad

“Nothing,” I muttered

The Day We Went to Bray by Emily

It was a fine summer’s day. When we got the train to go to Bray. I enjoyed looking out the window on the way to Bray. It was a long enough train ride. We played cards games to pass the time. The first thing we did was to go to the local aquarium. It was amazing to see all the different types of fish like clown fish,catfish,tropical fishes and even turtles. We were starving so we decided to go to a chipper. We sat down on a large sturdy bench on the sea front. My father thought the vinger was too sharp.

Moving Day by Abby

One early morning a family were getting ready to move house. They were moving to America. They were packed with loads of their stuff except Kym’s blanket, she had to put that in her own bag before leaving. When they were half way through the plane ride Kym’s mam was scrolling through social media when she noticed there was a new chipper in the town beside the new house. “That is where we will be having dinner tonight” said her mam laughing. But when they eventually had their chipper the vinegar was too sharp. They wont be having vinegar the next time.

100 w/c by Jessica M

One day in a lovely restaurant Joe and Mary were ordering a salad. Joe put a lot of vinegar on his salad. Mary told him not to, but he still did. After a while he started to choke and then his lips went blue. Mary frantically started to shout for help. Two minutes later someone came over and said that he was a doctor. He helped Joe and when he got home he said the vinegar was too sharp. He and Mary would never go there again. Mary felt proud because she had told him not to put vinegar on it.

The Glass of Water by Holly

I woke up full of joy, because today me my Mam and my sister are going to my favourite restaurant. When we arrived at the restaurant I ordered fish and chips. It took awhile for my food to cook. It got to the point where I thought I wasn’t going to get my food. Eventually my food arrived at my table they also gave me a glass with what seemed to be water in it. I was thirsty so I began to drink the water. EW!!! The water was actually vinegar. The vinegar was too sharp that it cut the throat off me.