100 w/c by Mia

I woke up. I was so tiny, and it wasn’t as if I was undernourished. I knew I was in for a rough day, so I pulled on my shabby t-shirt and did my make-up. The day was normal, but I couldn’t help wondering if it was just a vivid dream. I even went the day without mocking my brother. All was well until dinner where there was, condiments on the table. I sniffed a bottle. The vinegar was too sharp. It made me queasy. Then I fell in. I banged on the bottle frantically. Thank God I got out…

Out of Tune by Zach

I woke up on a Saturday morning. I decided to go down stairs at 9am. I went down stairs and turned on the TV. Shortly after, my sister came down stairs and went to play the piano. She tried to play it but it was completely out of tune. So when my dad woke up my sister told him that the piano was out of tune. He tried to tune it himself , but it didn’t work. He called someone to tune it. After tow weeks the guy that was going to tune the piano came. He tuned the piano and said “ there was a dead RAT in the piano!”

Tik Tok Tik by Oliver


“Run!”said Sam.

The kids were running as fast as the wind but the monster was as fast as the light.

They stopped and turned around.


The monster ran into a wall.

“Yes, let’s check the thing that is comletely out of tune,” said Jam.

(Sam and Jam are twins).

There was three paths.

Sam said”Right is the right way.”

Jam said”Ok, right it is.”

Tik–tok–tik-tok-tik-taaak-tik tok tik, faster and faster as they got closer and closer.

“Mom! We’re playing a game,”said Sam and Jam.

“Sorry, dinner time!” said Mom.

Music Class by Niamh

It was Friday. I was going to a music class at 6:00 until 7:30. I was learning how to play the guitar. When I know how to play the guitar I am going to perform at a big show. It was the day of the performance. I started to play and it was completely out of tune! My music teacher started shouting at me to tune my guitar. I tuned it and started again and it was much better the second time. After the show I got to get a reward in the shop. I got love heart chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day by Mia

‘Can anybody tell me how to spell hectare, absentee or reluctant ?’ Asked Mrs. Hopkins. Ellie and everyone else were too excited ; the Valentine’s concert was on in 5 minutes. They all wandered around the hall wondering where to sit.’Move dummy’ said Ariana . The crafty bully always knew how to annoy Ellie. She decided to ignore her. The Rock Club started a cover of Queen’s Hammer to Fall. They were completely out of tune. After the concert the classes went home. ‘Hey Ellie . ‘ said Jacob. ‘Will you be my Valentine? ‘ . ‘Sure ‘ Ellie replied. Feeling triumphant but like a coward. Ariana was green with envy.

Birthday by Leon

It was my Mam’s birthday today and to be honest it was just a normal morning. I got up went over to the sitting room, got my book and went back to bed to read. It was my sister that came to me and reminded me it was my Mam’s birthday!!!! So when we opened the door to the sitting room we sang “happy birthday to you!” and to be honest it was completely out of tune. And gues what!? SHE HAD COMPLETLY FORGOTTEN THAT IT WAS HER BIRTHDAY!!!!!! She thanked us and was very happy that we remembered.

100 w/c by Jessica M

One day in a college called D.C.U. there was one particular music group who performed a concert. They did not know their songs very well as they only had a week to learn five songs. Everybody thought it was completely out of tune and started to shout “boo!” at them. The music group felt sad and a little annoyed considering they only had one week. Then they all felt nervous and ran off the stage. The teacher ran over and encouraged them to go back on and give it their best.

They went on to the stage and they did amazingly.

The Choir Teacher – by Jessica H

Today was a school day and it was Wednesday. On Wednesdays we always have choir practice. Our choir teacher Ms. Abbens isn’t very good at singing what so ever. After class we went down to the hall to practice for choir. We were practising this really high-pitched song. At the highest part of the song the teacher sang and it was completely out of tune. Everyone in the hall kind of giggled a bit. Since everyone started to laugh and smile the teacher got really frustrated and shouted at everyone. All of a sudden she shouted everyone get out of the hall right then.

The Choir Competition by Holly

Today was the WORST day of my life. Me and my friends are in the choir and we had to enter a competition. Everything was going well until my voice cracked. It was completely out of tune. I was honestly humiliated. For the rest of the songs my voice was sqeaky and horrible sounding. I had to stop singing it was so bad. But the worst part was that we got disqualified! Everyone blamed it on me. The only people who didn’t blame me were Mia and Jessica. They are always going to be my best friends.

Talent Show by Emmanuel

It was the night before the talent show and Daniel was stressing out. The reason he was stressing out was because Daniel’s guitar was not sounding very well because it was completely out of tune with his voice. Daniel went and told his dad about the problem [he was a music teacher by the way] His dad just told him that he needed to tune it. It was the next day and Daniel was really nervous. It was his turn, he got onto the stage and went for it. Daniel did very well and his dad was very proud of him.

Ireland’s Got Talent by Emily

One Saturday night my whole family got together to watch Ireland’s Got Talent. The first act was a comedian. He was brilliant. He had us laughing non-stop. He got through easily. The next act was a nine year old girl magican, she did card tricks and for her last act she made Louis pick a word from a book and he kept it to himself. After she wrote a word on a black board. Amazingily it was correct.The ultimate act was a singer. He started to sing and it was completely out of tune and he got buzzed off!

Nuke by Darragh

Jay woke up. He got out of bed he went to his guitar. He tried to play Country Roads, but it was out of tune. He decided to go outside. He opened the door but he saw people running. He stepped out and looked behind him and there was a nuke. He ran as fast as he could. But he tripped over and hit his head on a rock and was knocked out. When he woke up he was in an old dusty room. A man walked in and his coat was dusty from neglect. He looked around him but and saw a gun in the man’s hand…

My Brother’s Birthday by Craig

I woke up. I forgot the date so I cheacked my calender, it said Triumph Day. Which meant it was my brother’s birthday. It’s called that because it was the day he could put it in my face. I stayed in bed until I was told that I wasn’t allowed to play my phone. I went downstairs and my brother got a guitar and it was completely out of tune. I slapped him, my punishment was no phone. I didn’t care because my phone was dead any way. Luckily my friend got my invite and came over. We started plotting against my brother.

Post Malone by Cillian

It was my birthday on Friday and my mam had surprised me with tickets for two people to go watch Post Malone at the 3 Arena in Dublin. I coudn’t believe how many people there was when I got there. There was a man that gave us a really cool wristband. We found a good spot beside the stage to watch. Then Post Malone came out. He started singing Sunflower but it was completely out of tune. He sang the rest of his songs like Rockstar and Better now really well. That was the best birthday present ever!

Party at the Zoo by Cian

It was a warm summer’s night as all the animals in Dublin zoo were organising a party for the new red panda coming from Nepal. They wanted to surprise him when he arrived. They had go-carts, bungie jumping in the trees, a karaoke machine and a chocolate fountain. All the animals were very anxious for the little guy’s arrival. All the decorations were up, and everything was ready, so they just had to wait. The red panda finally arrived, and the party got started. The monkeys were exceptionally good at the bungie jumping, the red panda was good at the go carts, but the lion was completely out of tune on the karaoke. They all had a great time at the party.

100 w/c by Brian

One day I was in my house, and I was playing with my brother and sister. We were in my room and my sister fell onto my guitar, and I tried to play it but it was completely out of tune. I asked my Dad to see if he could do anything with it but he couldn’t. I was a little upset but not really. When we were done trying to fix my guitar we kept playing, but we went outside to play football. About an hour later we had to come in for our dinner. We had chicken and chips, it was nice. It was an okay day.

100 w/c by Ben

On Sunday I had my first drumming session. When we got there I met my friend John who was really good at drumming. He told me some of the basic stuff. On my first go I was struggling to hit all the drums. The teacher told me to go slow and then go faster. After we had to do a solo and I was scared. My teacher asked the person beside me and his solo went like this BOOM! BAM! BAP! BADA! BOOM! POW! and it was completely out of tune. When my teacher said it was my shot she forgot the time and we had to go so I was saved.

School Music Band by Bartosz

One day Alexander and Eric were looking forward to the school bands concert, in front of their parents. There was one practice left before the concert and it was tomorrow. Eric went to sleep very nervous.

‘Eric come on your going to be late!’ said his Mam.

Eric rushed out of his bed picked up his bag and his violin. He got a lift but he forgot that the practice was on in the morning. He got there late the instructor gave him a wierd look. He tried to play his violin and boom bop bop badabopboom pow it was completely out of tune!

No Time To Tune it by Ashley

It was the day of the school music competition and I was facing my worst rival Charlotte, she is always bragging about how great she is and is envious of my guitar.

While me and my friends were practicing our song, one of my friends Mia said “Isn’t Charlotte such a coward.” so Charlotte over heard and wandered over saying “I’ll get you back for calling me a coward, when your least expecting it.” In a crafty kind of way. After that I was very unwilling to do the competition but I knew I had to compete.

Me and my friends were starting to take our instruments out when I gave my guitar a little strum but it was completely out of tune!

“Oh, well I guess I’ll be celebrating in triumph then.” Charlotte said…….

The Band by Abby

Once upon a time there were three girls in a singing band. They loved it and spent a lot of time practicing but one day their manager said ” it was completely out tune”. They girls were so worried because he said “If you do it one more time you wont be doing the competition!” They practiced all day, every day. A few weeks later their manager came back to hear them again, he said “you’re in!”. He said “take the day off and do whatever you want”. They went for ice cream and ate loads of it.


My Sister’s Birthday by Aaron

One day me and my sister went to the zoo for her birthday. When we got there we got a bit of food then started to look at the animals. And when we were going past all the animals they were all playing music. But when we got to the tigers it was completely out of tune.When we got back to our house we had cake and her friends came over. We had a pinjata and a dolls house. She was very happy about it. When her friends went home we had our family over and had more cake.

A Good Day by Aaron

One morning I woke up and the lights in my room were flickering. When I ran out of my house the sky was black and I was scared. Suddenly my lights stopped flickering I went back in my house and made an egg with lots of salt. After I went to get washed. When I showered, my mam came over and went to the barbers to get her fringe cut. Soon after we went for lunch in the Brick Room. I got pancakes my sister got sausages and my mam got an irish breakfast. When we finish we went to celebrate my mam’s birthday.

Hairdressers by Abby

It was a beautiful day for the hairdressers so Mya and Leona set off for their appointment. Mya got a fringe and the fringe was called eggs-here and Leona got a trim and it was called black-melon. On the walk to the car they were jumping and giggling, they were so excited. They got home and their mam wasn’t very happy and told them to go and have a bath and they also washed their new flickering hair do’s. That day Leona thought its was all about their hair. In an incoherent way Mya gasped “its not about our hair” .

The Horror Story by Ashley

There I was, walking down to the haunted house for a dare. I marveled at how big the mansion was.

There was a sign outside the garden but the words were washed away. I could smell something like eggs.

I carefully stepped onto the front step and knocked on the door. Suddenly the door creaked open, I hesitated for a moment then stepped inside.

The door slammed closed behind me making me jump and there was a light above me flickering and shaking vigorously.

I then saw a girl……..it was the Sacred Rhianna!!!

Her hair was dark black and all in front of her face, though not a fringe. She was holding her creepy realistic doll. What was going to happen next……

The Underground Carpark by Bartosz

On a long wet day in America, David , we call him fringe and Alex, thought it would be a good idea to visit the under ground car park. It had flickering lights and their was a corner that was pitch black. It was under their local mall. They marveled at the sight of it. It was sooooo… different it was a kids’ play ground with clowns not the scary ones. We asked the clowns when this happened. He told us that it was transformed yesterday. We were so confused. It looked like it washed away. We thought it was weird.

100 w/c By Ben

One day I went to get my fringe cut and dye my hair black. On the barber chair my eye was flickering because hair fell on it. On the way back my dad was talking to someone so I went looking for some flowers, but instead I found a bunch of eggs on the ground. My dad told me not touch them because they might be poisonous. After we went home and I washed myself and watched the Chelsea vs Man Utd Match. Man Utd won 6-0 and I lost a bet for ten euro.

100 w/c by Brian

One day I was going on a walk, and I went into a shop because my Mom had told me to get eggs. And on my way home I saw someone flickering on a flicker, and it was my friend, I didnt have time to talk to him. And when I got to my house there was a black car there and I was confused, but it was my friend and he got a new car. When he left my Mom said she wanted to get my fringe cut off, so we went to the barber and when we were finished I hated it but it was done already. When I got home I washed, it was an ok day.

The Haunted Hotel by Charlie

Me and my family went to a hotel in Cork. It looked amazing, we went inside signed in and went to our room. We had driven a long way so we went to bed. The next morning my sister Chloe’s hair had somehow grown 10 inches overnight. We went straight to the hairdressers, she cut Chloe’s black hair to about 5 inches below her fringe, then she washed Chloe’s hair. We went back to the hotel for brunch, I had sausages, bacon, pudding and eggs. I went to the toilet when suddenly the lights started flickering and then I heard a deep voice saying my name Charlie CHARLIE! I screamed for help…

Marshlings by Cian

mThis year an audio book was shot onto Mars to see if Marshlings were real and if they could adapt to human ways. They had put a camera on the audio book so that they could see what was happening on Mars. Journalists had been writing some crazy things like “will marshlings be able to fry some eggs or give someone a fringe in the hairdressers?”. I myself don’t believe they exist. However, one day I was very tired after washing my dad’s car, so I lay down on my bed. Suddenly it went pitch black. I jumped up and saw the lights flickering in every house. I thought to myself “could this be them, could this be the marshlings?”

Secret Spies by Craig

It was then when John realised that he was captured by the secret spies. All he remembered was that he asked for a fringe hair style. When he woke up he saw a black room suddenly the lights started flickering then a spy came over.

” This is where you will be stationed at the Washed Up shop” said the spy in a soft tone.

“Marvelous how you can’t do it your selves” shouted John

“Your gonna get egged now” shouted the spy so loud that the whole factory could hear him. Suddenly everyone threw eggs at poor old John.