The Mittens by Zach

One day a boy called Mike who had come home from school. His mum shouted ” I’m in the kitchen Mike “. He fired into the kitchen . ” Where’s your bike Mike”? said his mum. After a split second she realised that he had pink mittens on his hands. “Where did you get those mittens”? said his mum suspiciously. “I got them off a friend “said Mike. “What there name”? said his mum.”Got them off Eh,Eh,Eh… Stuart Bubbles ” explained Mike. Mum glanced at him and said ” is your bottle empty.” No mum” he said quickly and quietly.

School by Oliver

One day in School the miss Pink desided to teach how to make bubbles with science.

The kid were fired up when Miss Pink slowly started the oven.

Suddenly a child said ” what about the survey?” and miss Pink said” how many childern went to school on a bicycle?”

“Five miss,” said another child in a nice voice.

“Ok let’s do the rest later!” said Miss Pink.

One kid put cold water in the empty pot.

Bubble! bubble!

“Are you ready?” Miss Pink said and she and the others graded circle on a stick and it worked.

“Bye”said miss Pink.

100 w/c by Niamh

It was a lovely sunny day. I was going to the park with my mam and dad on my bicycle. I had to put on my pink helmet. When we got to the park there was someone blowing bubbles. I ran over to pop the bubbles. After I popped the bubbles we went into the forest, there was alot of trees, beside one of he trees was a box and I asked my mam and dad could I open it. They said yes. It is empty and I was disappointed. When we were leaving the forest someone fired a gun and I was scared.

100 w/c by Mia

Bang! The starter’s pistol fired . It was time for the bicycle race. Lana mounted her pink bike and went. She cycled and suddenly after the turbulent ride she saw the finish line. As she went over the line bubbles flew up. The huddled crowd cheered.

‘You didn’t deserve to win you deserve to be thrown into the trench ‘ Lana’s cantankerous sister, Sara, ranted maliciously. It made Lana squirm and feel empty. She knew it was ridiculous , but the thought that her sister was right stalked her. Then Lana realised that her sister was jealous and was just dispersing her anger.

Bubbles by Leon

Once in the land of Pink…

“Hey bubbles. How are you?” said one dog to another.

“Not too good, I have to write my 100 bark challenge today!” said Bubbles as he rushed home on his bicycle.

Bubbles was a well built Irish wolf hound with a very good speed record because some people say that when he gets fired up he’s like a bullet.

Bubble’s house was quite and felt empty.


“Finally my sweet *bone*. Have you done your 100 bark challenge?

“I was about to do it” he sat down and started.

*bone*= I used it instead of honey.

100 w/c by Jessica M

When I was in work yesterday I almost got fired.It’s because I forgot to give the birthday girl her pink cake and bubbles back when the party was over. I was so relieved that I did not get fired. After work I walked home but it was quite unusual because the streets were completly empty. When I got home I listened to the radio to see what was going on. They said a bicycle got crashed into by a large brown truck. That’s why the road was empty. I felt so sorry for the person.

100 w/c by Jessica H

Today was my birthday. Today was the day when I turned 11 years old.For my birthday I wanted a new pink shiny bicycle.I decided to get up and walk down the hall , and glance to see if my parents were awake.They were still asleep so I crept inside and screamed ITS MY BIRTHDAY! My parents woke up and we went down stairs.First I opened a small kind of one it was a hedgehog that I called Bubbles .After a lot of screaming of happiness I opened the one which was the pink bicycle.Then my man fired a confetti cannon this was the best birthday ever.

Explosion at School by Holly

Dear Diary

Today I rode my bicycle to school with Jessica. We were both very excited because we had science today. When we got into school we had a substitute teacher her name was Ms Pink. Ms Pink handed me 2 empty jars and she filled them with this icky stuff. Ms Pink said ‘Children listen up today we will be making bubbles’. We were all excited. But something strange started to happen the jars began to fizz and BANG!!!!! The stuff in the jars caused a fire so we had to leave the school. Someone told me Ms Pink got fired.

100 w/c – by Emmanuel

Once upon a time in the middle of an empty town lived a young malicious family. The youngest child was a boy called Bubbles he was a very ridiculous boy. He didn’t have many friends because he was very cantankerous. He really liked a girl called Pink. So one day after school when he was riding on his bicycle his dad was in a very bad mood because he had got fired. Everyone was upset they huddled together and hugged. His dad was so upset he just went to bed and wrapped himself up as if he was in a trench.

Pink Water by Darragh

Jim was so bored riding his bicycle he decided to go to the beach. He was going to take a swim but the beach was closed he didn’t know why but the water looked pink. He decided to go home then. When he got home he saw the room was empty. He thought he got robbed but there was no smashed window he went upstairs and went to the bathroom he checked that everything was working. When he turned on the shower pink bubbles started coming out of it. He didn’t know what was happening he panicked he when he heard a knock on his door…

The Plan by Craig

Mr pink was mowing his lawn, Tom and Jake wanted to get back at his son Mark Pink. Tom and Jake were blowing bubbles as a distraction to act innocent. Then Mr Pink emptyed the bins and went on his bicycle and Mrs Pink went work. Which made an opening for Tom and Jake. Their plan was to pretend that they were criminals breaking into his house. They bought ridiculous clown costumes to hid their appearance and painted a Nerf gun black so it fired like a real gun. They hopped over the fence and found the key under the mat.

The Fair by Cillian

On Saturday James and his mam dad and sister went to the Summer Fair. When they arrived at the fair they went on a few rides luckily the lines were empty. Then they went to the stalls. There was a game were you had to shoot a gun and hit a small target.The prize was a big pink fluffy unicorn. James’s sister told dad to shoot and he did. Dad fired the gun and hit the target. James’s sister happily got the unicorn.Later James bought a really cool toy bike. After they went to get some chips and watched the man fry the chips and saw bubbles sparkling.After they went home. They had a nice time.

The Crazy Classroom by Cian

Once there was a primary school teacher named Mr. Pink. He wasn’t exactly the best teacher in the school. One ordinary day at St. Francis school Mr. Pink was told that he was having a teacher assistant and his name was Mr. Bubbles. Mr. Pink was about to walk into his classroom when suddenly he heard laughter from inside the classroom. As he opened the door he could not believe his eyes. There was a funny looking man riding a bicycle around the classroom and all children were throwing their home work in the air. Mr. Pink looked at the empty box of homework and fired with rage.

Mrs Pink by Charlie

Once Upon A Time there was a woman who’s name was Mrs Pink. Mrs Pink loved to ride her bicycle to work.She was a scientist, her job was to see how fast a bullet went after being fired from different guns. One day cycling to work she sew a baby boy blowing bubbles. Suddenly the boys bubbles rang out the boys started crying saying “Mammy it’s empty”. Mrs Pink felt bad for the boy. 5 minutes later she arrived at work, She put her bag on the ground and started working.She discovered that a bullet fired from heavy artillery can travel 30,000 metres.

100 w/c by Brian

One day me and my friends Aaron,Sean and Matthew were at the circus. We saw loads of cool things. Like when the clown painted his face pink, and fired bubbles from the bubble machine. Then there was someone on a bicycle and they were doing stunts. And then the animals came out and their tamor tried to turn on the bubble machine, but it was empty, so they had to fill it back up. Then the show was finished and we all had a wonderful and great time. But the fun was not over yet because we were going to my house!

The Circus – by Ben

Last week I went to the circus in Balbriggan. When we got inside the place empty. Out of nowhere a ridiculous clown popped out of a closet and fired pink bubbles from a pistol. There was a man who could do a no hand wheelie on a bicycle. Half way through the show we decided to get some candy floss. The man at the stall was ranting to his the boss so we left him alone. After that we went back to circus to watch the dancing clown called Jerry. Jerry brought out a unicycle and fell. After that they huddled together and bowed.

The Paintball by Bartosz

The paintball gun went BANG as it fired. Daniel hit right on the middle of the board. Bullseye, said Daniel, 3 in a row.

Ridiculous, you think I can’t do better? asked Logan.

How much do you wanna bet?

One ice cream! said Daniel.

Ok! watch this shot, as he hit the bullseye and again.

Nice two shots, three more and I get you ice cream.

Wait! said Mr Pink, your time was over 30mins ago.

But please! they begged.

They huddled up to make a plan.

But my wallet is empty.

We don’t have all day, can you not just blow bubbles or ride a bicycle.

NOOOOOOOOOO! They all said.

The Cruise Ship by Abby

“An exciting trip is about to start” said Sarah. The family were on their bicycles cycling to the cruise ship. When they arrived the owners of the ship fired colourful bubbles into the sky, everyone was amazed. Sarah and her family were shown to their room by Mickey Mouse, when they got inside there were blue and pink bunk beds and also blue and pink bon bons on their beds. The tubs of bons bons were empty in about five minutes. Sarah and her family had a feeling this was going to be the best trip ever.

The Odd Little Fish by Ashley

Last week my dad bought me a fish, it was pink with a splash of orange on it. I named her Bubbles. Pretty much a normal fish.

I got my fish a little chest for her tank, there was nothing in it, it was empty.

Well, I woke up yesterday and checked on her and saw her on a bicycle, in water flying through rings of fire!!!!!!!

I screamed and told my parents, my dad got so creeped out that he fired his slipper at bubbles.

Thanks to my dad {NOT} Bubbles’ tank flipped over!!!

I sprinted so fast over to Bubbles and quickly plopped her into a bucket of water.

Luckily the tank did not smash and I put Bubbles back in.

“Next time we’re getting a dog” my dad said, out of breath.

The Circus – by Aaron

One day me my sister, Sean and Matthew went to the circus. We got candy floss and popcorn. When it started a clown came out with a bubble gun. He fired the bubbles at the people watching. Then he came out in his pink car and the car had a clown horn. My sister was laughing so hard she was nearly crying. Then a chicken came in, and it was on a bicycle. We were all laughing. After a while an empty cage came down from the roof but the people working there said that the circus had to close because an animal escaped. We were sad.