War by Oliver

“Boom!”Bang!”Splat!” “Fall back!” “Grenade!”

“We give up, you won”.

“Flash Bang incoming!”

The light has blinded him and he was blinded forever.


“The our tanks are coming.”

One Hour later. They have won.

The man that got blinded was called Mike. It was hard at the beginning but he got through. He got a job as an artist and got married. When he had twomillon dollars and he used one millon on eye surgery. He used half a millon his sons’ collage now he has one third of his money. Then he won the lotto.

The Flight by Zach

One day there was a man called Mike. He was a pilot, he transported goods to different countries. One day he had to travel over to Egypt. It was the morning of the of the flight. He had presumed it was going to be a long flight. When he woke up he opened the big green curtains.

“AAAHHH” he screeched as the light blinded him.

“Gosh it’s very bright out”.

He left for the airport and the flight took off. During the flight Mike realised that he heard a beeping he was fraught with fear. He started shouting “MAY DAY! MAY DAY! WE’RE GOING DOWN”…

100 w/c Rhys

Oh gosh where are we? it looks like were in the board game. I think it is called Jumanji.

Wait! What is that some kind of dinosaur? I think it’s a Braunchasourous. oh gosh it’s another one and look it’s a Raptor.

The light blinded him through the trees oh wait it’s a rescue mission. I shouted help please help so then they stopped. But it did not stop for him instead it stopped for someone else so he was left there for ten more years and then after the ten years they came back and rescued him.

Stamullen by Niamh

It was Saturday. My brother was going out to his friends up in Stamullen . He was going up at 3 o’clock and he asked to be picked up at 7 o’clock. I went with my dad to drop my brother off. When we came back we played Monopoly cheat edition. We were having so much fun we did not notice the time, it was nearly 7 o’clock. I went with my dad to collect my brother, on the way up the road there was something coming towards us, it was shining so bright the light blinded him. There was a loud bang and we went off the road……

100 w/c by Mia

One day Simon got up and went for a walk. He thought that the roadworks were complete and went that way. Suddenly he fell into a pipe hole .

‘Oh No ‘, he said fraught with sadness .

His clothes were soiled. Simon was there a while. He wished he’d never presumed the roadworks were done. He found out that he was being rescued!

‘Gosh’ he said .

As he was freed he was blinded by the light of the sun. Three days later he eloquently gave a candid speech. After he went home he was exhausted also he had missed his dog called Romeo and goldfish Kylie!

Fin MacCool by Leon

Irish War of Independence II against the English 2201.

Fin was in the headquarters of the Green and Yellows.

“I don’t think this will work out well,” he muttered into his mic.

“Look at all those Green and Yellows, they definitely won’t let us off with…”

AAAAAAA they’ve spotted us!!” screamed a voice.

“MAY DAY, MAY DAY, everyone get OUT!!!!!!!!!!”

In the distance he could hear super sonic shots being fired. ZZZZZZ ZZZZZZ!!

Before he knew what he was doing he ran out of his hiding spot and noticed that five Green and Yellows where on his tail. He ran out onto the morning day light.

The light blinded him.

He stopped running…

100 w/c by Jessica M

FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE, blast off. As he shot up into the sky he was amazed at what he could see. He saw stars and the most amazing shooting star soaring through the sky. He could not wait to get to the moon.

” I am going to be the first man on the moon” he said with excitement.

As he got closer to the moon he got a little nervous. He started to put his astronaut suit on. When he reached the moon, he climbed out of the rocket and to his amazement he noticed that somebody had already been there. Suddenly he woke up and the light blinded him as he was still in bed.

The Woods by Jessica H

I was surviving in the woods last night. I went out adventuring with my friend Alex. Me and Alex have read all about aliens and we decided to go camping to see if we could spot an alien. All of a sudden there was a bright light. Oh my gosh it loooked like a ufo. The light got brighter. The light blinded him for 10 seconds. We took out our cameras, but as we took them out, the light was gone. We loooked around. Alex was fraught with fear about the sighting. We saw the light again. It turned out just to be a car! In the morning we went home without seeing any aliens.

The Flash by Holly

‘OH MY GOSH’ Josh screamed. He now felt like his life was officially falling apart. He was on holidays and while he was there, people have being making up rumors about him on social media. While he was reading these horrible things being said about him he saw a flash across his eye. He went to see what it was. He couldn’t make out what it was but it was so bright that the light blinded him. He woke up and he was in hospital he wonders what had happened to him and why people were saying mean things to him ….

The Dark Tunnel by Emmanuel

It was a very sunny Friday afternoon. Everyone presumed that we were going to the beach. We all had to pair up with one another so I decided to go with my friend Ben. Me and Ben decided that we would go into the dark scary damp tunnel with our other friends Cillan and Bartosz. Me, Ben and Bartosz said that we would run ahead of Cillian. We got the end and waited for Cillian. He got out and the light blinded him. He showed great expression that he was fraught with anger, he screamed saying “oh my gosh I am going to kill you guys.”

The Night They Went Camping by Emily

It was mid summer when Jack and Tom decided to go camping. They got their tents and camping gear ready and set off into the country side. The two boys were walking for a while when they saw the perfect spot to set up camp. Jack and Tom set up the camp site. They heated some beans and rices on the camp fire. The two boys were enjoying telling ghost stories. When suddenly there was a bright light in the sky it shone on Jack’s face and the light blinded him for a second. Then the light disappeared from the sky without a trace.

Fallout Zone by Darragh

BOOM! A nuke dropped. Max woke up, the light blinded him. He looked behind him and saw the cloud of dust and ran out of his old rusty shed. Then he heard something falling from the sky he looked up and saw a nuke. He ran as fast as he could trying not to trip over the rocks. He looked for shelter but all he could find was an old barnyard.He decided to stay the night there. As he was just about to fall asleep he heard a strange noise – he went to look and he found an old dog…

The Unlucky Day by Craig

Normally on Saturday morning Ethan got up at 9:00 or around that time. But today, Dad woke him up at 6:00am and opened the blind and the light blinded him.

“GOSH it is only 6:00am, I presume that it is my birthday present that you forgot?” said Ethan.

” Because your Granny is coming to mind you !“said Dad.

“Dad I am old enough to stay home alone, “said Ethan.

“No you’re not, “said Dad.

Ethan hated his Granny because all he got was cabbage, and 6 o’clock bedtimes.

“She will be here for a week! “said Dad.

Now Ethan was fraught with fear.

Alien Teacher by Cillian

It was a nice sunny day and Max was lying in bed until his mam shouted “Wake up or you’ll be late for school! She opened the curtains and the light blinded him. It was 8:30AM and school started at 9:00AM. Max got up quickly, rushed downstairs to have breakfast and sprinted to school. He just about got there in time. When he went into class, he saw a substitute teacher writing her name on the whiteboard. Her name was Mrs.Bite, pretty weird name. He presumed she was normal but when she turned around her face was like a shark’s and she had loads of sharp teeth. Max shouted OH MY GOSH! and ran.

New Year Party by Cian

It was New Year’s Eve and Stephen and his friend Darragh were at the celebrations in Dublin city, fireworks were merrily cracking away.


Everyone was singing and happily dancing, there was a man in the middle of the river Liffey playing the drums, when suddenly an extremely bright light shone from stage he was playing on. Stephen half looked away because the light blinded him, Darragh grabbed him and asked if he wanted to go get something to eat so they headed to the chipper. After a while they left the chipper and they headed for the train.

The Well by Charlie

BOOM! John fell into a deep dark well. He and his friends Tom and Seán had being playing football when the ball went flying through some bushes. John went looking for the ball and fell into what he thought was a creepy well. John called for help,Tom and Seán sprinted over, Tom looked at John and ran as quick as he could to his house whilst Seàn stayed over with John. Tom rang the fire brigade. When the fire brigade arrived 30 minutes later John could hear the siren and looked up, the light blinded him. John eventually got out and thanked his friends and the fire brigade.

100 w/c by Brian

One night me and my friend Nicky were at the park and the New Year’s countdown was about to happen. As soon as it happened the light blinded him. It was so bright! Nicky’s eyes were extremely hurt. He was running around screaming in pain. It was so embarrassing for me. One of the people there said gosh, they were so surprised. Then he tripped over my shoelace and fell into the water fountain. It was so funny (and embarrassing ) everyone there was laughing their heads off. One person even recorded it and posted it on YouTube. He was not happy.

Brother’s First Day at School by Ben

Last week was my younger brother’s first day of school. Mam woke him up, and I think the light blinded him for a few minutes. My brother got up and got changed for school. He wore a bright blue top with black bottoms. After that he had Coco Pops, then we set of to school. I think my brother was very nervous. When he got there he met his friend Jack from play school. After a while we went to collect him and he said it was the best day of his life. The next morning he was crying because he had no school.

The Happy (?) New Year’s Eve by Ashley

My cousin has very sensitive eyes, he can’t look at very bright things.

BAM!!! another firework went off for new years eve but this time much brighter. I looked at my cousin and realised the light blinded him! We had to bring him to the hospital.

The doctor said that he would be blind all his life, and that doctors would have to do surgery on him.

When he came out of surgery, my cousin said that he could only see out of a tiny part of his eye.

“Gosh” I said “What happened to your eye?” His eye was all full of blood.

He explained what the surgeons did and from that day on I hope that, that will never happen to me.

New Year’s Eve by Abby

It was New Years and every one was celebrating. Harry did the count down to 2019. We went outside to see the fireworks, the light blinded him. Harry’s sister said “gosh, I cant believe it is 2019”. We went back inside to play quiz games. I suddenly decided to go upstairs and play on my laptop that I got for Christmas. I messaged my friends to say “Happy New Year” and we all started to play a game. Before I knew it it was morning time. I was very tired but it was a great New Year’s Eve.

My First Game by Aaron

I passed the test to join Man Utd. I was so happy but my first game was on Friday I was scared. We were going to play man city. After a while we started training. After training we went to get food it was lovely. When we finished our food we went to our hotel and we went to sleep. Then we got up and it was match day. I was excited we were on our way to the stadium. Me and the other new players said oh my gosh. Then we were walking on to the pitch. And my friend looked at the flood lights he said to me the light blinded him.