100 w/c – Emily

It was the 18th of July .Me and my family Were going to Spain.My neighbour brought us to the ginormous airport. It took 20 mins.I got check in it was boring.After that I got something to eat and I went shopping. I got on the plane and went on my phone. It took 2hr 30 mins .I met my nanny and granddad I was so exhausted so I went to my big bed . Next day I got dress and watch tv . Then I went to a town called Getaria. I went to a bub I got prawns and coke . I went home and played with my friends called susana and malen all day

100 w/c Zach

One sunny day when my family and I went on a trip to Corck and for a big wedding.

We stopped for something hot to eat and drink a soft drink at Mc Donals it reminded

me of a time when,we all had to eat before we went to the airport.On the way to Corck

we saw a lot of big white sheep,brown black and white horses and very big cows. It

Toock two long hours but we got there in the end , the hotel we stayed it was

Wonderful. We got to see our cousins Rory and Lorca their parents were getting married. After the party we went to see my mom’s friend that lives in Corck after we went home we all said goodbye to everyone.

100 w/c – Cian

One day I was doing my homework minding my own business when suddenly the ground started to shake. I was scared. The ground started to move again so I decided to climb to the top of my house because I thought it would be safe up there. As I started to climb out my window I saw it was blocked by a massive tree so I decided to stay inside my house. This reminded me of a time I was watching a video with my class about an earth quake in Hawaii. Eventually it stopped. I was so happy I survived but the bad thing was I still had to finish my homework!

100 w/c by Rhys

I can’t remember much

As I was so tired from a hard day in school what I do remember is doing my homework and eating my dinner I didn’t go out because I had no energy so I just chilled out on the sofa watching television and then I went to bed read a bit of my book Diary of a whimpy kid before I turned off the light and went to sleep I didn’t stay asleep long as I had a nightmare it was horrible I eventually went back asleep and slept till my mom called me for school this reminded me of a time when I had a nightmare in my granny’s house

100 w/c – Ashley

”Wake up Lilly !” I was rudely awoken by the sound of my mam shouting at me. Just then I remembered I was going on holidays! I leaped out of bed like a flash of lightning.

A few hours later, finally I am on the plane on the way to Lanzarote!

I am in my apart-hotel now and I just saw a little girl fall. It reminded me of a time when I broke my ankle, it was very sore. I was only four and the ward was very scary at night time and smelled horrible. Oh and the creaks and sounds, I hate thinking about it!

Well I’m off to the pool, fingers crossed I don’t break any bones!

100 w/c – Jessica H

Today was a great day at school. We had the ipads today and we watched a movie called the Little Mermaid it reminded me of a time when I went swimming with my parents and I wore a mermaid tail oh… that was a quite funny day because what happened was my brother fell into the freezing cold pond but he was okay thank god.After that situation we went to get ice- cream.I got bubble gum flavour and my brother also got bubble gum my mam and dad didn’t get any ice-cream that was a amazing day.

100 w/c – Cillian

It was Saturday,me and my whole family were in the sitting room watching Athletic Bilbao the team that I support play Barcelona in the Champions League Final.Bilbao were playing at home the stadium was extremely loud and bright.It was 7 o,clock when the referee blew his whistle for kick off.It was a very tight game until the 35 minute,Barca scored a goal it was a penalty.Just before halftime Bilbao scored a goal from outside the box.At halftime Bilbaos best player got injured it reminded me of a time when I broke my lag playing football.Bilbao ended up winning 2-1.It was the best day of my life

100 w/c – Craig

I was coming home after school. When I got home there was a note. It said Dad are working till midnight, behave xoxo Mum. I was shocked to hear that. “What’s their boss doing, making them work overtime?” I thought. I updated Fortnite season 7. There was a new place called Hyper Holiday. I went there also a lot of players going there to. When I saw it, it reminded of a time when we were on holidays in Spain. When all the tap water was too hot to drink from. Then I died, last place, I raged so hard I broke the tv.

100 w/c Leon

Friday October 6th 3413

The day was all most over. All the forces have been transported here. ( Gammoo* valley. ) It reminds me of the time when the battle over at Hlada* was on. It was also in a valley. Any ways we’re predicting that the Kasteos will atack tommarow at sun rise so we’ll be ready.

Saterday October 7th 3413

We won. Sorry but I have to go. I’ll be late for the party.

Sunday October 8th 3413

Sorry about yesturday. I couldn’t wait untill the feast. It was so much fun. There was a disco, food and on and on and on. I’ll tell you about the battle. So we all hid and when they came- BAM!!! They gave up straight away. So now when you think about it there wasn’t much to be celebrating about.

🦑By General Squex.🦑

100 w/c Mia

I saw the sun rise.

It reminded me of a time when I was free . Not in this prison . It wasn’t my fault. Honestly. I used to be safe . I wasn’t incarcerated I wasn’t ridiculed. My family loved me.

Or did they really?

They sent me here . I am stuck here .I’m going crazy . I’m overwhelmed with the thought of it all . Someone is called to help the warden. I burned for her . Will she be let off lightly? Or will she be in trouble.

”Mia” called the teacher .”Come do the maths problem ” I got up. Wish me luck.

100 w/c – Ben

The Europa league final 2017. Manchester united vs Ajax. The managers Jose Mourinho

and Peter Bosz. United kick off. early in the game Pogba nearly scored a volley.2 minutes later Rashford nearly scores. Darmian threw it to Mata and Mata hits it in the six yard box and Fellaini just about misses it for a header. Ajax nearly hit it in but Romero saved it. United get the counter attack and when Pogba shot it reminded me of time when I scored a goal outside the box like his. Its the next half and Ajax took tip. Four minutes later united get a corner and Mkhitaryan scores. Fellaini nearly scores a header again. Ajax nearly score a fantastic goal. The game ends two nil.

100 w/c – Emmanuel

On Friday after school I went home and got ready to play with my friends on the green. I went to go knock for Harry, Bobby,Liam and Daniel. We played football. Because Liam was so good at football the teams were Liam and me against Harry and Bobby , Daniel was in nets. I was running with the ball and then I got tackled by Harry it was a penalty. I was about to take the penalty but then as soon as I was about to shoot it reminded me about a time when I took the penalty in the school final and I missed. Then I let Daniel take it and he scored.

100 w/c – Bartosz

Yesterday I watched a movie about an amusement park.

That reminded me of a time when I went to Tayto Park. First I went to the viking village. At the start it wasn’t scary. After awhile when the boat spun around and flung itself into the water I was shaking with fear. I was glad that the boat pulled into the dock. Next I found myself a bit hungry. So I eat a chicken burger it was DELIOUS.I went to the line to the Cu Chulainn but I forgot the park closed an hour ago. It was fine I hopped a fence and got into my car. Wait I have no Fuel OHHHHH……

100 word challenge by Brian

One rainy day when I was playing in a busy football match I scored an own goal.Today I was playing in a football and it remined me of the time when I scored that own goal.Luckly today I didnt score an own goal I scored a goal instead my teamate Aaron passed to me and I got past the goal keeper [Cian] and scored.The goal was inevitable.Our team won 7-5.We all shook hands after the match.We all had an amazing time.Then Cian and Aaron came to my house we had a wonderful time.

Halloween – by Holly

It was that spooky night of the year again called Halloween. I used to love Halloween until 3 years ago… A boy I knew loved Halloween like most children do. But one year he decided to go to this terrifying castle where a witch and her cat lived. Everybody knew about this castle but nobody dared to step foot near the thing. The castle reminded me of a time when I was little because I lived next to a humongous house. Everyone knew that I lived next to a huge house so all my friends decided to wait at the gate with me. But silly boy still went into the castle and never came out.

Taekwondo Tournament – by Charlie

When I was sparring a green belt on Tuesday it reminded me of a time when I attended the all Ireland tournament.When I got there we had to wait.Then I got ready to spar.We were called over to the ring that we were going to be sparring at.Suddenly my name was called out ,I walked over and bowed. Then we started I threw some sidekicks he threw some punches in the end I won.Then I was called back up for the next round it started he threw some sidekicks and then I threw some punches he won,then we bowed.I had fun even though I lost.

Ice Cream by Niamh

It was Friday. I was going to get ice- cream for a treat with my family. We were going to a place called Pappagallino. When we got there it reminded me of a time when I was getting ice-cream on holidays. I picked out watermelon flavour ice-cream because it’s my favourite! Meanwhile the lady came back and said “ do you what any toppings?” I said “ yes please”! Could I have watermelon jellies, unicorn sprinkles and flakes please. After the ice-cream we went for a nice walk around the harbour. We saw lots of boats coming in with fish that they caught. Then we went home after such a great day

The Car Crash by Jessica M

When I was four my family and I were in a car crash on the m1 because a man was not driving properly. This hit six other cars.My mam, me, my dad had to go to the hospital. I felt very scared and I also felt sad.When I got to the hospital I got a colar around my neck .Then I went to my granny’s house and stayed till the next day and it reminded me of a time when I was in a car crash a few weeks ago. This happened out side of Super Valu because a man drove into our car when he drove out of a car parking space.

A Weird Day by Aaron

One day I was playing football and we saw a blue light in the sky. we saw the moon get smaller and we were all suprised the moon was gone then we told our mam and dad.I said it reminds me of a time when we watched a movie about an alien invasion. But the blue light got closer and lazers started hitting the ground. Every one ran then the army came and they were battling for years the war finally ended and the army won they got all there electronics and there were new iPads laptops ps6.