100 w/c – Dale

Last sumer I entered a competition to display a sculpture in a public park. Firstly I had to make a model of the sculpture to show the judges what my idea was. I decided to use match sticks to make the model. The judges loved my idea and I won the competition. Now the hard work began, I had to make the real thing. I bought the wood to make the sculpture and got cracking with my tools. My idea was to make two long wooden legs as if they belonged to a giant. What do you think of my sculpture?

100 w/c – David

One sunny morning a man had to chop up some trees to get wood. The man went to the forest. When he was chopping wood an evil wizard came. The wizard tured the man into a giant monster. The monster was so big. The man ran away but the evil wizard stopped him. The wizard said to the monster to catch him. The monster caught him in his hands. The man tried to get out from his hands. A birds feather fell down on him. He took his hands and caught the feather. The man tickled the monster and he let go of him. The man jumped on the the wizard. The man brought the wizard to jail.

100 w/c – Hasher

One sunny day Mr Bob was walking to the park. Suddenly he saw a portal and like anyone else would, he jumped in. When he was inside he became as tall as a giraffe. There were lots of trees he thought were broccolis. He ate some trees, which he thought were broccolis. He was stomping all over the trees. Next he drank some water, he loved it. After a while he fell asleep in the water. The next day he woke up he was soaking wet. The portal returned and he went through it. He shrunk and shrunk. He was sad but at least he was home.

100 w/c – Haylie

One stormy day there was a thunder and lightning storm, and the lightning struck one of the trees, it grew a head and legs. The tree person was a boy and his name was Bob. Bob hated getting his picture taken and being seen by humans, by day Bob looks like any normal tree, by night Bob turns into a tree boy and he loves to explore the forest. He finds everything very interesting. His favourite is the streams running through the forest, where he can see his shadow, he’s very curious of what he looks like as the Tree boy.

100 w/c – James

Today I’m going to tell you all a story about the “BIG FAIL!” It all began on the third of January . The scientists were testing a growth serum on a grape. When they were just about to test it….DROP!! They didn’t drop it on the floor, they dropped it on a tiny ant that was making his way to the bunch of grapes for dinner. There was a big explosion. When the white smoke cleared, all that the scientists could see were a big pair of dark brown insect legs. When they measured the ant, it was twenty metres tall.

100 w/c – Lena

One very sunny day , me and my friends went to a forest. While we were walking in the forest , my friend said ” Look at that”! ” At what “? I said. My friend pointed at a giant pair of legs . Me and my friends were amazed , we walked up to to the giant pair of legs. The legs were red and brown and I made out of wood. While we were walking, we saw more pairs of the legs . ” They look like they’re running”. “Don’t you think “. Said my friend. ” A bit .” I said. Then it was time to go home . While we were walking, out of
the gate we saw a sign. It said running forest. Then we realised ,why we thought that the legs, looked like they’re running. And then we went home.

100 w/c – Nicol


” I lost my body, ” he said . ‘Where could it be ?’ he cried for help .

Max is his name, and he is ten years old , and his best friend is Tom, Tom is nine years old . Max lost his body at 6:30 in the morning . Tom founld Max’s body and gave it to Max .

Then aliens came , “Sorry for taking your body! ” they said , ” We were looking for a dog. ”
” What? Why?” they said . But the aliens where not there .

Max and Tom lived forever until they were cut down .

100 w/c – Ula

A long time ago a girl called Lily went to a park called Grandmar park.She went with her Best Friend Forever, Ola. Walking along, Ola spotted two wooden legs stuck to a thin tree with bright green coloured leaves growing from the it. The girls mouths were wide open. The girls took a picture of the thin tree. That is one funny looking tree they giggled with laughter.

”It is getting late, ” said Lily ,”maybe we should go home now”.

”You are right,”said Ola.

The the girls went home. Going home they talked and talked,CHAT CHAT CHAT they said!

100 w/c – Caitlin

One ordinary day me and my mammy were going to explore the woods. The woods were called “The Wizard’s Woods”. I was as excited as a baby getting candy. The journey took us hours and it was starting to get dark as we got closer. “Are we there yet?” I moaned. “Do you really want to know?” she said. “Yes” I shouted with excitement. She clicked her fingers and with a BANG, two big and red slides that looked like legs started shooting out of the side of a tree as if someone was trying to climb out. “Where here” she said. I nearly fainted in disbelief. “Go have the time of your life” she shouted as I ran of towards the giant slide. I could hardly catch my breath with excitement.

100 w/c – Ben H

Their was once a music note that was different to the other music notes. The other music notes made fun of him because he was back to front.One day the music note was planning to run away in the middle of the night. In the middle of the night he woke up and ran into the woods. The next day he woke up and felt scared and lonely so he tried to get back home but he was lost in the middle of the woods.Suddenly he had heard the music notes and he ran towards the music then he saw the house and he got home safely.

100 w/c Benito

One day I went to the woods. I went with my mom to do some yoga, we brought our yoga mats with us. We also met up with my friend. It was a very hot day so, my mom let us get ice cream from the ice cream van. Suddenly I saw the weirdest thing ever, a stick man sticking through a tree. I was so scared, that I left my mum and my friend and I ran home very, very quickly. When I got home I told my dad,
“I honestly think this was the weirdest day ever”.

100 w/c – Whitney

Boom! Boom! Crash! Boom!

‘Don’t break dad’s tools’, said Stacy angrily.

Tina and Stacy were working on their project.

‘All done, we’ll finish the rest tomorrow.’

They put the remaining wood on a tree trunk. The next morning Tina and Stacy woke up very early, to finish their project.  But when they got outside the wood was gone. One the legs were there.

‘Oh no!’ said Tina, ‘what are we going to do?’

The next day the teacher saw their project and she loved it.

They won €5,000!

100 w/c Kyle

I was on my summer holidays from school and my family and I went down the country on a camping holiday. We went on nature walks, cooked over a fire and had roasted marshmallows every night. One day we went to a magical forest. There were fairies, wizards and witches. One witch put a spell on a dog and turned him into a stick man. When the fairy gave out to her she did another spell and made his body dissappear. It was a little bit funny seeing two legs run around. Luckily the magic from the fairy and the wizard was stronger than hers and turned him back into a dog. We left very quickly while we were still humans.

100 w/c – Frank

Last year my class went on a school tour to the Water Fly Woods. Before the school trip me and my friends were really exited because we knew the Water Fly Woods only from a book. It was known as a magical place. When we arrived the sun was shining and the rainbow was up in the sky. We saw birds singing nicely. Suddenly while we were walking we saw a tree with legs. Yes! Tree with legs! Our teacher told us about the history of this tree. Even if it has legs, it can’t walk and move to some other place. The only way to move a tree is to cut it. No one knows how that tree has legs. Every time they try to cut it the legs grew back.

100 w/c – Bobby

Deep in the forest there lived a 12 foot warrior called Eamon. He had really long legs and huge feet. He ran barefoot around the forest all day protecting all the locals from Sticklord. Sticklord was a nasty stick man. One day he robbed all the fresh food and ran home with it. Eamonn was very angry when he found out and ran to get it back for all the locals who lived in the forest. When Eamonn arrived at Sticklord’s house he found him asleep up stairs. Eamonn locked the bedroom door and took all the food back. The locals were thrilled.

Giant Land – Dylan S

One beautiful Saturday in Giant Land there were two giants who loved to play tag in the park. One day they decided to play tag in the forest instead. They were a bit scared to go in because it was their first time going in to the forest. By the way their names were Bob and Bill. Bill was the one who was body-less and Bob was the one who was headless. When they were in the forest they started the game of tag. Bob was on first but when he caught Bill he ran into a tree because he couldn’t see. In the end it didn’t really hurt, and they had so much fun!

100 w/c Hannah

One summer’s day,after school I decided to go on walk to the woods.When I got to woods the first thing I saw was a giant pair of legs. I wanted to go investigate but I was too scared. When I took a closer look I saw windows. It looked like real Lego people lived in it. I didn’t know that they could talk, until they asked me could I help them build a top half on their house. They said they needed someone that had lots of Lego. Well I know someone who could help them I thought, because my mam is a Lego women.

100 w/c – Noemi

On Saturday Mia,Sky and Lilly were tiny the size of a nail. Mia and Sky told Lilly about the park were there is a huge slide the size of a leg tree. Although Lilly knew about the park. Just the next day Mia,Sky and Lilly decided to go to the park. When they just arrived on there tiny cars to the park. Mia,Sky and Lilly slided on a huge slide. They got up by a huge ladder Mia,Sky and Lilly slided the last time and went home. Then every Saturday they went to the leg slide. The day ended Mia,Sky and Lilly had great fun.

100 w/c Jody

Two fairy friends Lisa and Jack loved being fairies but wished that they could be big for a day. One sunny day they were flying around their forest when suddenly the saw two legs on a tree. They looked closer and realised they were made of wood. Jack had a great idea to tie rope to them and they could pretend they were giants. Lisa was very excited and went straight home for some rope, she got back to Jack really quickly. When the ropes were tied on, they took turns being giants for the day. They had so much fun.

The Scared Deer Hunters by Matthew

“Jimmy I see one!, hunt it down and aim at it”, said Lee.

“Wait, what?, run thats not a deer!”

As the creepy competitve creature ran at the people, Lee remembered the sign that he read, at the front of the woods. It said “Rarely you can find an ugly creature hiding in the woods, it was used as a killer back in world war 2, but it got scared, and it ran into the woods to hide”.

The creature lost them, luckily. Lee told about the sign to Jimmy.

Jimmy said, “Lets never go deer hunting AGAIN.

100 w/c – Sophie

One sunny day Mia’s mam told her that there was a park down the road.  The mam said the wizard turned a tiny ant inot an enourmous ant . The problem was that when he did it, the ant lost all his body parts!

‘Can you helpme?’ said mam.

‘Yes,’ said Mia

The next day mam and Mia set off for find the body parts.  They looked in all the parks in the city and they found a total of three.  They had to find four more body parts.  They took their helicopter up in the  ari and found all the body parts.  They found one in Spain, France, Africa and Ireland. They came back and everyone cheered.

100 w/c – Ben F

It was the last day of school before the summer holidays and it was the final of the seniors football match. St Molagas were playing the Gael Scoil in the big final. The whole school was there to watch. There was excitement in the air. The clock was ticking and the score was one goal each. There was one minute left on the clock and St Molagas had the ball. The Gael Scoil defenders could not catch them now, athough they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. One strike and the ball went past the keeper, Goal!!!! The final whistle blew. The had won the cup. The whole school cheered.

100 w/c – Bobby

It was a lovely warm and bright sunny day as I walked to the gym with my friend Callum. We were both training for a charity run for Childline. Last week we reached a good time on the treadmill, and this week we have set ourselves a new target to reach. When we arrived at the gym our friends were already on the treadmills, and although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress to reach the target set for this week. The Charity run was two weeks later, and we all passed the finish line in record time.

100 w/c – Dale

It was a lovely, hot, Summer’s day. My family and I decided to go to the park. We all got into the car and set off. When we got there, we all got out of the car and went to explore. We saw birds, flowers and butterflies. Then we all heard a big bang, we just thought it was someone dropping something. We saw a flash so I asked my dad “what was that”? He said “it was probably lightening”!!! We all ran then I looked behind me and there was a storm but, although we ran quickly we were still not making enough progress. It started to lash rain. We all got soaking wet, but we really enjoyed it.

100 w/c – David

One sunny day a man went to work. There was a fire alarm. Although they ran quickly ,they were still not making enough progess. The bell stopped ringing. The they all went back to work. When it was lunch time they all went to buy some food. He had to go back to work. When he finished work he went home. It took him an hour to get home. Happily he went to Tesco and bought crisps. He ate them when he was in the car. Finally he got home. Then he went to bed. He had a great day.

100 w/c- Dylan S

It was a sunny day and St. Molaga’s were having a sports day. Everyone there was having so much fun with all of the activities, even the teachers were taking part. One of the activities was called Ninja warrior. It was one of the best games in the whole entire world. Our teacher split us into two equal groups…Yellow versus Blue. I was on the yellow team. As teacher was counting down from three, we all went flying along the track. Although they ran quickly, the blue team were still not making enough progress to beat the yellows. When both of the teams were at the last part, we had to climb this big wall and my team won. We were all so happy.

100 w/c – Hannah

One day my sister,brother and me were stuck inside because it was lashing outside. We decided that we would play the X-box. My older sister and brother got the remotes before me. I went to get a drink of water when suddenly a saw a flash of light and heard a big BANG! I went to see what was going on when out of now were I saw them stuck in the video game. On the top of the screen it said you need to get progress to get out of the game. When I looked back at them they had already started playing and they were running really quickly. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress WHAT WAS I GOING TO DO……………………….

100 w/c – Hasher

One day Bob and his friends were walking to the carnival. The carnival was very close to the forest and the forest was haunted. They went on the rollercoaster, Bob screamed ahhh!. After the rollercoaster they went to the circus it was fun but not for Bob. Bob hated clowns he was as scared as a snake. Bob and all his friends ran to the forest. Bob hid next to a tree as big as a house. Bob heard a creepy noise. He turns around and sees a one eyed orange monster it was as big as a elephant. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress…because the monster was too fast, but it turns out the moster was friendly. They became best friends with the monster!

100 w/c – Haylie

Emily loves science and gets very excited when its time for science class. Her teacher had a new experiment for them to do today Exploding Volcano. Emily thought this was the best thing ever, they put on there googles, gloves and lab coat.The teacher showed them what to do and then got them to pair up and try it for themselves, but two of the boys decided they were going to experiment for themselves. They added extra acid to make it even bigger and better, but it was way to much the teacher told the kids to leave the room although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress and BOOM they were all covered in red gooey lava.

100 w/c – Hollie

One day me and my friend Emma got home from school. We were very frustrated because we had a giant Norma’s science fair coming up. So we were passing around ideas when suddenly Emma came up with this great idea……. Why don’t we do a treadmill that you control that’s a great idea so we set off to start our project so we use metal bars in old curtain because then we wrapped the curtain around a steel board and attach them together. It’s been for ever I said although they were running Quick they were still not making a progress.