Race by Oliver

‘Have you heard about the race were you can win one million euro by racing down a really dangerous hill?’ said Danial.

When Ted heard how much you can win, he went to his workshop and modified his bicycle to a bike with rocket boost.

The race came up, he got ready and went half way he used his boost and saw a bright  yellow sign warning him but he was greedily desperate that he forgot about it.

He tried to slam on the brakes, he almost crashed but he lost control because the boost was cheating and he ran off crying.

5 thoughts on “Race by Oliver”

  1. Hello Oliver
    I liked your story because I cycle in races.
    I wonder why he was so desperate to get the money?
    How come he forgot about thee yellow sign?
    Colin 5th class Mrs Boyce’s class

  2. Hi Oliver
    I liked your story because you used all the words perfectly.
    I wonder if Daniel competed in the race.
    It reminds me of one of my races .
    Bye for now Kristupas
    Mrs Boyces class

  3. Oliver I like your story i like races and it was very detailed plus why did he put a rocket booster if he knew that he was going to cheet

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