100WC by Jessica M

Once there was a family of six. There were two adults and four kids. The kids names were Jessica Rebecca Katie and Kate. Their friend was moving house but Jessica didn’t know about this. Jessica is best friends with Emma. Jessica and Emma told their Mammies that they were going to the playground. Emma was acting strange . Emma’s mam called her back to the house. When Jessica turned around she saw a moving truck in Emma’s garden. Jessica went to Emma’s house and thought “but where were they going” and then she knew.

2 thoughts on “100WC by Jessica M”

  1. You’ve described everything so well Jessica! At the end of the story, I’m left wondering where Emma is going – she must be moving house if there is a moving truck in the garden. Why is she moving house? Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Jessica. I’m sure the girls were very sad that Emma was moving house. I hope they were able to keep in touch.

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