100 w/c – Niamh

I was on my holidays in Youghal with my family and Grandad and Grandma. I loved going there we always had good fun. We were out walking at the harbour and we met my Grandad and grandma’s friend Don. Don had a boat and we went on it. He had one very important rule everyone had to wear a life jacket. We did some fishing and caught some mackerel. We sailed around for about one hour and he even let me steer the boat. We headed up the river to a forest and stopped to go for a walk. Don lead us to a shipwreck in the forest. It was awesome!

One thought on “100 w/c – Niamh”

  1. I **LOVE** Youghal, Niamh. It’s a lovely place to visit in the summer. I wish I’d been on that day out, it sounds like fun – especially finding a shipwreck in the forest! Brilliant writing, well done and keep it up!

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