100 w/c – Mikolaj

Two boys were in the Beavers, they were going on a trip to the woods . They were going on the bus in case it would be raining . Ten minutes later they were there at the woods. The lady said
“ssssssshhhhhhh I can hear something ”
“What is it”? asked the children.
But just then they saw wolves in the two boats that were in the woods.
They quickly went away from the two boats because the wolves started hissing at them. Unfortunately, they went quickly home and the two boys didn’t get to visit the lovely woods again.

One thought on “100 w/c – Mikolaj”

  1. Ah that’s a shame – the woods are a nice place to explore. On the other hand, two hissing wolves is not the best way to enjoy a walk in the forest! So I think that the boys made the right decision in heading home quickly! Super writing again this week, Mikolaj, keep it up!

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