100 w/c – Mia G

One magical day Jessica went with her friend Mia on a nature walk in the forest . Suddenly as Jessica turned around there were boats .”Where did they come from?” said Jessica.
”The sky,” laughed Mia.
There were blue boats and white boats. The girls quickly ran home . They told everyone they knew what happened but no one would listen to them . Then Mia had an idea.
“How about we draw what we saw, and then go back to the forest and compare?”. Jessica had no idea of why they should draw.
“Mia you always have to include art in everything”.

2 thoughts on “100 w/c – Mia G”

  1. I think that Mia loves her artwork! That sounds like a fun idea though – to draw them and go back and compare them to what the girls saw… it would be a great test of memory too! Keep up the super writing Mia!

  2. Hi Mia. Thank you for commenting on my story.
    I loved your one. Mia must really like art. Some of my friends really enjoy it as well. I wonder how the girls got one. Hopefully they were successful.
    It must have been very exciting for them. A bit like an adventure perhaps.
    Well done again Mia.
    Jack, Mrs. Boyce’s Class, Cork

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