100 w/c – Mia B

Eloise was making dinner for her family. She took some carrots from the fridge and got the big steel knife from the drawer.

She began cutting the carrots into slices. Just then her cat Pixie jumped up onto the counter and startled her, she jumped and the knife slipped and she cut her finger.

She was tearful as she held her finger under the tap and called for her Mum.

Her Mum managed to stop the bleeding and put a bandage on the mauve wound. She also threw the carrots in the bin as nobody wanted bloody carrots for dinner!

2 thoughts on “100 w/c – Mia B”

  1. Your’re absolutely right. Nobody would want ‘bloody’ carrots for dinner! This story has made me laugh as I’ve just peeled and chopped carrots myself for a big stew I’m making for tomorrow (Monday is usually stew day in our house!). I managed to do it without cutting myself – phew!

  2. Nothing worse than cutting yourself when making dinner, Mia! And I agree with Avril – no-one would want those “bloody carrots” for dinner after that! Keep up the great writing Mia!

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