100 w/c Lorcan

Once on the seven Mauve Seas, there were five enchanted boats, there names were Chris, Mike, Angel, Clíona and Alexander. On one fine breezy day the five boats walked into a forest, called Indigo Forest. They liked this forest because the trees were all  indigo. “Crack!” they heard a human walking in the distance, they froze with fear as they thought that they would be found and be put back into the Mauve Sea . They stood as still as statues. When it was safe, they ran like the wind back to the Mauve Sea. They were tired from a long, fun day.

2 thoughts on “100 w/c Lorcan”

  1. I like the way that colour “mauve” found its way into your story, Lorcan! It sounds like it was a fu day alright – although the humans must have been scary if they froze with fear when they thought that they might be found. Keep up the great writing!

  2. Great story this week Lorcan. You did a great job with the picture prompt and even managed to use one of last week’s prompt words. Great punctuation too.

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