100 w/c Lily

Once upon a time there were four children, they were all brothers and sisters. There names were Bella, Paul, Poppy and Joshua. They had a next door neighbour that had a haunted house. Every night you could hear ghosts, zombies, spiders, skeletons and monsters. One day the children went into the house…then the lock clicked and closed.  The children were trapped in there for a long time. A few hours later they went exploring.  They found a big chest they tried to open it, but it was locked.  They kept trying to open it but it was no use.

One thought on “100 w/c Lily”

  1. Those were four brave children Lily! If I heard ghosts and skeletons and those other things that you mentioned, I think that I wouldn’t go near that house! I wonder what was in the big chest… maybe there was a secret treasure – that would be so cool! Great work here, well done!

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