100 w/c – Lee

Hello, I’m Charlie and I have met the most amazing man in the world! Mr. Wily Wonka.

He is making new sweets, Jelly Carrots, that are healthy and covered in a mauve wrapper.

When Wonka showed me them they made me tearful! I went home and had my dinner.  I went to bed starving. The next day I told my mam and dad about the new sweets.

They were starving too so they went immediately out the steel gates to the shop and got one Jelly Carrot for each of us.

”Ummm’ said mam, as she ate it.

2 thoughts on “100 w/c – Lee”

  1. Hi Lee. I love stories about Willie Wonka and you’ve done a fine job of this one. I’m not too sure one Jelly Carrot would alleviate their hunger pangs, but maybe because it was a Willie Wonka one it was magic and they were never hungry again?

  2. I really want one of these Jelly Carrots, Lee. They sound delicious!!! A great story this week, well done and keep up the awesome writing!

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