100 w/c- Julia G

As the sun rose, it struck right at our hands, it was twilight . All the farmers cuddled  together in a tight pile like steel.The farmers were working all night and day to deliver and make vegetables. After a few weeks there was a tight wind from the enchanting  wood. “That meant only one thing  it’s nearly Christmas, ” said one of the farmers in a tearful voice. The sun looked  like burning flames and the sky was like mauve .The farmers were working  so hard under  huge pressure to make it on time. It was time to start the  amazing  carrots show, they put every thing in  place .

2 thoughts on “100 w/c- Julia G”

  1. HI Julia. This is one of my favourite stories this week. You used the prompt words brilliantly but I particularly like how you included the word ‘under’. Very clever! I’m going to recommend this for showcase this week. Best of luck.

  2. I’d love to see this carrots show – it sounds like there was a huge effort made to make sure that everything was ready, Julia! You’ve used the prompt words very well, keep up the great work!

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