100 w/c – Julia

Rob and Phil, were in the garden testing out their new invention. This new invention was a flying machine.
The two boys had been working on it for years. Rob hit the green button, but the noise from the engine was SO loud! It was meant to be quieter, nearly silent.
There was something wrong. Just then the flying machine shot into the air with Rob attached to it. He didn’t get far because he soon got caught in a tree.
Rob and Phil spent the rest of the day in the bathroom, removing twigs from his hair and cleaning his clothes.

3 thoughts on “100 w/c – Julia”

  1. Poor Rob – he won’t forget that experience in a hurry!!! I hope that they are able to get all of the twigs out of his hair and get his clothes cleaned up. Super writing Julia, keep it up!

  2. What a great story Julia. I could just visualise poor Rob flying through the air! Pity the ‘maiden voyage’ turned out to be a disaster after the boys spending years trying to perfect their invention.

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