100 WC by Jamie

Down in a small little village there was a small zoo. There were tigers, giraffes, flamingos, seals, zebras, monkey’s, peacocks, lion’s, bats and other animals in the zoo.
One day there was a school called St. Peter & Paul’s J.N.S. on their school tour with their teachers. The teachers names were Mrs. Fagan & Ms Ni Mhaonigh. When they arrived at the zoo, first they went to see the seals.
After when they went to see the monkeys they heard drilling noises. There was a man in a pink jumper saying “walk quietly do not wake the loin.”

2 thoughts on “100 WC by Jamie”

  1. Hi Jamie,
    You’ve written a lovely story this week – Well done!
    A trip to the zoo is always exciting.
    I wonder why was the man in the pink jumper worried about the lion waking up?
    Keep up the good work.
    Mrs Boyce

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