100 w/c Jamie

In a far away land called Twinkle land ,it is full of fairies and little colourful trolls that lived in a castle. The fairies were different because all they liked to eat are carrots  and mostly stuff made out of steel. One day a new baby fairy was born and her favourite colour was mauve. One day the fairies mam saw a sad programme and tears started to come out then she said don’t be so tearful. One day the baby was playing hide and seek and hid under the table so she wouldn’t get caught and she won.

3 thoughts on “100 w/c Jamie”

  1. What a lovely story Jamie. Everyone loves a good old fashioned fairy story and this is no exception. Well done!

  2. Hi Jamie

    I’m so glad I came across your story on the 100wc website, it really made me smile. I liked the familiar characters (did you base this on the film ‘Trolls’?) and the thought of them eating carrots and steel, this is definitely an odd combination!

    Miss T
    Hampshire, England

  3. Carrots and steel… what an odd combination for dinner! I’m sure that the fairies don’t think so, though! I thought it was funny when the baby won the game of hide and seek! Keep up the great writing Jamie!

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