100 w/c – Jack

I saw my new garden. It was a dawn morning. The clouds looked like steel. The garden had a weird smell of vinegar. Suddenly, I saw carrots growing at the edge of the garden. I saw the shed I looked inside it. At the edge of the shed there was a spider. YUCKY! I got a fright and  after I was tearful. Under  the spider there was a beautiful bike it was mauve. There were lots of nettles in the garden. The nettles were spikey. Suddenly, I saw a swimming pool. The last while I was swimming around it was so cold.

3 thoughts on “100 w/c – Jack”

  1. Great story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We liked the words you used good word. Jamie is scared of spiders aswell

  2. I don’t like spiders either Jack and I wouldn’t care what was under it, I wouldn’t be going any further! Mind you, it sounds like a wonderful place if it had a swimming pool.

  3. I hope it wasn’t a big spider, Jack! I saw a video recently of a huntsman spider and it was HUGE! The garden sounds really nice in any case – and a swimming pool? Niiiice! Keep up the great work!

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