100 w/c- Ellen

One day, Belle and her friends, Betty, Ella and Nelly were  going to the woods for a picnic. While they strolled along Betty saw the best place to set down their blanket for the picnic. They set out their blanket, sandwiches that Ella’s mam made, chocolate bars, cookies, cupcakes and popcorn. They all heard footsteps behind them, then they all looked behind , but as they turned back around they saw boats in the distance. The girls all thought it was strange how the boats got there? They said to each other “it must have been magic”. Belle, Betty, Ella and Nelly were really scared.

One thought on “100 w/c- Ellen”

  1. I love the way your story changed from a nice day out to something a bit scarier, Ellen! Maybe magic really *did* bring the boats there. I hope that the girls stayed together as a group and went home safely. Great writing, keep it up!

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