100 w/c by Daniel

One day there was a family. All of them were going camping. They had to stop for a bathroom break. But when dad was not looking, someone got in and drove away but where were they going? Sara said to call the AA and get a taxi to follow their car. Sara had spotted that their car had gone to town. They got out of the taxi and tried to get in to their car. But it was locked. They had to go in to the shopping centre. They had found the people. But it turned out to be their aunt and uncle.

2 thoughts on “100 w/c by Daniel”

  1. I did not see that ending coming, Daniel! I thought that it was robbers that had taken the car! Why would their aunt and uncle have taken the car without asking, I wonder? Well done – keep up the good writing!

  2. What a twist to your story. I’m sure there were very cross words between the adults after that debacle! Maybe the aunt and uncle thought it would be a funny prank to play?

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