100 W/C by Clinton

We were in the airplane and the lady swept the place. One person was playing the violin. One person told me to come.
I need some yellow juicy bananas in case anyone gets hungry.
We don’t have any more food!
I think I have some. I will go and check. I looked at my seat and they were there. I only got twenty bananas. I hope this will be enough. I went back to him and he said: this will be enough, thank you. I went back to my seat. At a few hours they were ready. Everyone had eaten their juicy banana. We had a good time!

2 thoughts on “100 W/C by Clinton”

  1. Well done Clinton. I’m glad that everybody got a banana. Don’t forget to use speech marks in your story if somebody is talking.
    I’m glad that you all had a great time.

  2. I thought the challenge this week was a particuarly difficult one, but you made a great effort with yours. Well done for incorporating all five words.

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