100 w/c – Caoilte

One dark stormy night. Jake’s father was going to go fishing with his crew. Jake and his mam waved and wished him good luck. Jake’s dad brought five boats with him.
Bang! ”All the water is gone, now what do we do?” said one of the crew.
”Look” shouted Jake’s dad. ”fish everywhere, collect them up boys.”
At home Jake was bored of cartoons and accidentally switched to the news. On the news there were all of of his dad’s boats and a load of fish!
” WOW!!” said Jake. ”Mam come look! We’re going to be rich!”
“Yay!” Jake’s mam shouted.

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  1. Being a fisherman is such a hard and dangerous job. I’m glad that Jake’s father was able to catch so many fish and stay safe at the same time! Keep up the great work Caoilte!

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