100 w/c – Benito

Once upon a time there were two boys called Marco and Polo. They were playing in the garden and their mom told them to come inside,so when they came inside they decided to continue their game in side,they were playing wrestiling. They knocked down the light and candy spilled out.They were astonished then suddenly two clay spacemen were standing there with suits on. Next their dad came back from work then he saw them in the house and he went into the garden and he saw what they had done to the light and he called them inside and they got grounded for a lifetime.

4 thoughts on “100 w/c – Benito”

  1. Well first off, I love the names of your characters Benito! Their dad sounds very strict – grounded for a lifetime is a very long time! I hope that he changes his mind – although I expect they’ll have to be grounded for a little while for breaking the light. Keep up the great writing!

    Mr. Russell
    Team 100
    Waterford, Ireland

  2. Hi Benito
    What fantastic creative and clever names for your two main characters! Marco and Polo – I’d never have thought of that. You have managed to write a great story in 100 words and you’ve taken a very different slant on the prompt than what I’ve been reading from other writers. I think there could be a great series of little books about the adventures of Marco and Polo and I think you might just be the person to write those books. What do you think???
    Ms O’Keeffe (team 100 wc)
    Galway Ireland

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