100 w/c – Adam

One day it was very sunny. Me and my mum were on a big boat. We were sailing to France. I was exited. But suddenly there was a big storm. Then the boat crashed into a forest in the middle of a jungle. I was frightened there were other ships there too. There were four other ships. The ships were blue and the trees were very tall it was like I was in a jungle. We tried to push the boat back into the sea. There were also lots of tree roots and holes in the ground. Then someone came and helped us push the boat into the sea. Then we sailed to France

One thought on “100 w/c – Adam”

  1. Cool story Adam! Who was the person who helped you to push the boat back into the sea? That was very kind of them. I’ll bet you had a good time in France when you eventually got there. Keep up the super writing!

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