100 w/c -Adam

One day I was in a little beautiful, magic village. When I was  walking I saw a big garden of carrots. Behind it there was a big hidden entrance to the cave.  The cave was under the village. I wanted to go  into the cave but it was locked.  I looked around and I saw a big stone. I moved it and than I saw it… Big steel button. I pushed it  and the cave door opened. It was beautiful inside it. There was big secret garden full of  mauve flowers. It was a bit tearful when we had to leave the cave.

One thought on “100 w/c -Adam”

  1. I’d love to discover a secret cave like that Adam! It sounds like a nice peaceful place and I think that I’d be tearful too, if I had to leave the cave. Great writing, well done and keep it up!

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