100 wc by Abby

Once upon a time, in the middle of a snowy winter night, a young girl called Topsy was lying in her bed. Suddenly she heard a noise in her garden so she looked out the window. The snowmen she had built were calling her, “come with us Topsy.” So she ran to her garden. The snowmen were sneaking through the bushes but where were they going she thought. She followed them through the bushes. She saw an amazing ice palace, there were ice slides ice swings and lots of ice toys to play with. She had lots of fun with her new snow friends.

2 thoughts on “100 wc by Abby”

  1. That sounds like a really cool place, Abby! Topsy must have had a great time playing in the snow and playing on all the swings and rides with her new friends. Well done and keep up the good work!

  2. I just loved this story Abby. It reminds me so much of the short film ‘The Snowman’. We just LOVE that film and watch it regularly over the festive period. The soundtrack is also a magnificent piece of music. Well done Abby. Great story.

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