100 w/c – Zach

Once there was a Lego City One figure named Hender. The president sent him on an adventure to look for food.

He set off on his adventure, he had a torch, camera and pistol. The first day of his adventure he climbed a big snowy mountain it started to rain at some stage. The second day he came to a very big spider with four eyes instead of eight. It started to run at him, he ran as fast as he could. Suddenly a lizard ate the spider. Hender found a gap in the path and he crashed into a log. Lady birds started to come out  so he took a picture, suddenly the log fell.

One thought on “100 w/c – Zach”

  1. You have created a comprehensive story despite the word limit. Well done you! I like all the action and the drama – the ending is a great cliff-hanger!
    Too for next time – just check that you aren’t using a comma instead of a full stop.
    Keep up the good work!

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