100 w/c – Ula

One day a girl called Cara, and her mom went to a SUPER busy town.She asked her mom could she have money to get ice-cream. Her mom said yes, and she gave her money. Cara said thank you. She went off to get her ice-cream. Guess what happened,HER COIN FELL DOWN THE DRAINPIPE! She went to get another coin but it came down the drainpipe again! She went the last time to get a coin and at last it worked this time! She got a yummy chocolate ice-cream. She loved her ice-cream!

2 thoughts on “100 w/c – Ula”

  1. Hello Ula, I don’t think I read any of your stories before and I really enjoyed this one! I think it might be because it has ice-cream in it. I just love ice-cream. My favourite without doubt is Hazelnut!

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