100 w/c – The Sculptor

Once there was an artist named Ross. He had an idea to make a sculpture. The sculpture was to be perfect for a park that was having an opening ceremony. He thought he would create a statue of the mayor, but he decided to think it would not be a good idea.  Then he thought to himself, of course!

It was going to be his finish work yet, it took him 4 days to make He had to shape each head individually carving it. It was the big day, the park opened and the goat head, bull head and horse head carved from stone were complete. Everyone was amazed.

5 thoughts on “100 w/c – The Sculptor”

  1. Hi Zach
    you did a great job on your story.
    I liked the idea of an artist making the statue really well done
    please comment on mine Ciarán Mrs Boyce’s class St. Colman B.N.S. kanturk

  2. Hi Zach
    I like the way that you based it on an opening day.
    If I was at that opening day I would be amazed too.
    Great work from Matthew D
    Mrs Boyce’s class
    Please comment on my story.

  3. Hi Zach i love your story it must of been hard for the sculptor to make the animal heads Please comment on my story Mrs Boyces class from tadhg

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