100 w/c – Nicol

One misty day Max shouted in a grave way ” Where is my crimson car ?”  Max went to the Garda stasion and said “Someone stole my crimson car ” ,
The Garda said “What is the number of your the car ? ”
Max said “50875219G”. “What are we going to do ?”
They went to the court.

The next day they found someone guilty . The judge said frantcally “you are going to jail .”

Max got his car back and the Garda station and the guilty person went to jail and the judge went back to court .

Max never lost his car agan .

2 thoughts on “100 w/c – Nicol”

  1. Hi, Nicol
    I’m glad Max didn’t lost his car again! Once my old jeep has been stolen and I went straight to the police station. I’ve been asked to help the police to find my jeep, as they told me there were so many stolen cars, it was difficult to get them all back.
    Then I got into a true adventure, driving in a taxi, through all the dangerous quarters in the region, with a handful of photos of my jeep to give in all the small police stations in these areas!
    I loved your story, both with its realism of action and its relieving happy ending!
    Please forgive me for being so late this time,
    I’m teacher Ines from Portugal, (Team 100)

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