100 w/c Nico

One sunny day in Madrid Spain it was a really weird day and not even one person went out their houses.And then I got scared because when I went to knock on my friends door (2 mins later)he didn’t answer.Afterwards he shouted “GO BACK HOME RIGHT NOW THERE IS MURDER GOING ON IN THE POOL”.And that made me really scared and then I looked out the window I saw that the water was turning crimson and it was misty.And then I saw my friend getting buried into a coffin and then I saw a grave and that made me that got me frantically scared and when I ran straight home I never went outside.

2 thoughts on “100 w/c Nico”

  1. Nice work Nico! A very dark and scary short story which left me wondering why the murders were being committed.
    ~ Team 100

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