100 w/c – Myles

One day Mr Fox was in the countryside and seen a forest. He went in only to find two acorns sitting in a tree. “Get the acorns” said a magical whispering voice. Mr Fox looked all around and nothing was there. He looked at the acorns and prayed one would fall down. BANG! he heard further in the woods he looked and it was just a coconut. He still had no way of getting the acorns he shook the tree kicked the tree and even made an axe out of wood and it did not work. Finaly the acorns fell acorns fell down. Mr Fox was jumping in joy and ate the acorns.

3 thoughts on “100 w/c – Myles”

  1. Oh he’s a sly old fox! He wasn’t happy with the coconut – he only wanted the acorns. I hope they weren’t poisonous!

  2. Hi Myles,
    I love this something specific I like is the voice. A connection I can make is that this is my last day when is yours? Something I can inform you about is that this is also my last comment to someone ( So your special) Something that you can do better next time would be just say a little bit about the person in the story.

  3. Hi Myles.
    I like your story because it is fun I enjoyed reading it when Mr fox tried to get the acorn and chop the tree down with an axe that bit make me a little bit laugh,
    It reminds me of a film when the fox was in the forest and then he heard some noises coming from the woods but he didn’t want to chop the tree down like in your story he wanted to chop the tree down but in the film he didn’t want to,
    I wonder was someone in the forest like a man who was chopping the trees and making sound who knows? In what country was the story set was it near Ireland or further than Ireland?
    Bye for now Wojciech,
    Mrs Boyce’s class.

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