100 w/c Mya

One day I was going on a walk with my friend. We saw a castle or a tower. We got to it. Then we saw some stairs up to it. It was a monstrosity. We went up the stairs and peeped trough the window. I saw two people in there and a canon. It looked like they were going to set it off. BOOM! They set it off, they started a fire. After a while they saw us. They chased us into the fire. But we luckily got out. But we got badly hurt. They ran away and they never came back……

2 thoughts on “100 w/c Mya”

  1. That was pretty good! I go for walks with my friend too! Maybe after monstrosity you could put an exclamation Point. On monstrosity could you put a synonym of monstrosity, because some people don’t know what monstrosity. Good job!

  2. It was a good story and why were they doing it?
    maybe they were firing at there amines how knows?
    Goodbye from Rian Mrs. Boyce’s class

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