100 w/c – Mia

Sara was an MMA fighter. One day Sara took a bath. As it was running she danced around clumsily. When her bath was finally ready the water was bright orange, but Sara got in. S he closed her eyes and relaxed. When she dried herself she noticed that she was Cheeto orange.

“AARRGGGHH”, she yelled. Sara scrubbed herself. It would not come off . So she went to hospital. It was eight pm . By the time she was seen to it was 2 am. The small nurse gave her a saline bath. It stung. After that incident Sara was a lot more noticing.

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  1. Hi Mia! I love how you made your character and MMA fighter. I also love how you used cool words like saline. Did you know there are bath bombs that make the water orange but not you. Next time you write you might want to look over your spelling before you post for example in paragraph one you misspelled she.

    Happy writing,Cam in Illinois, write me at https://kidblog.org/class/am-ray-rockstars-201819/posts?author=2s79pjmftc54vbn6lhjlpoic2&status=published&status=review&status=draft

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