100 w/c – Lena

One day , me and my parents went to China . When we got there , we were really hungry . We went to a restaurant . We tried lots of new food . One of them was a fruit called lychee . It was very sweet .I really liked it . While we were walking home I saw a tree .It was a lychee tree . Me and my dad went to the tree and picked some of the fruit . We brought it with us . The next day it was time to go home . When we got home I saw my sister and gave her some lychee she really liked it . I really joyed my holiday and I hope that we can go back again .

2 thoughts on “100 w/c – Lena”

  1. Hi Lena, Great use of the picture prompt this week. How right you are! It looks exactly like lychee. I don’t particularly like lychee fruit, but I know lots of people love them.

  2. Hi Lena,
    I love how you used both long, short and medium sized scentences.
    I thought you had described this story very well and I thought that you used juicy details.
    One thing I think you can work on is not using I, it, we too much. Otherwise it was very nice and had lots of juicy items. What are you doing for your summer vacation? Im going with family to the dells.
    From Elyssa in 5rc Illinois
    happy writing!

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