100 w/c – Jody

Last week Megan and Daisy went out shopping with their mam, dad, nanny and grandad for Christmas clothes. They both got their favourite colour dresses. Megan got a pink one and Daisy got a blue one and there were diamonds on them.

“It is time to go,” mam said.

They were so excited to go home and try their dresses on.

“Oh no my diamond is about to fall off,” said Daisy,”Oh no!┬áIt fell down the drainpipe!”

Their dad had to put his hand down the pipe.

“Ew” said Megan.

But Daisy didn’t mind once he found her diamond!

2 thoughts on “100 w/c – Jody”

  1. Jody,
    I was not surprised the Dad would put his hand down the drainpipe, and I don’t mean just because it was for a diamond. I think Dads are like that: they do things no one else would do because they love their children so much!
    Keep writing. Mrs. G., Team 100 and Hub Buddy Teacher, GES, Guilderland, NY, USA

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