100 w/c – Jessica M

Bang!Clash! As Abbey and Zakia were walking through the forest, they saw snakes, spiders, and tigers. They were scared of them and started to run. Abbey and Zakia were running for quite a bit. When they stopped running Abbey didn’t know where they where but they were exhausted and she did know that. Zakia found her way back home while Abbey followed her. They walked into the house with excitement and told their mam what had happened. Their mam told them what her day was like and that she would have loved to do what they did.

2 thoughts on “100 w/c – Jessica M”

  1. Great story Jessica. You were very smart with the choice of words you put in. But next time make sure to check for good spelling. Great job, keep writing.

  2. Good story you have a great choice of words. But make sure to look for spelling corrections. Awesome story Jessica.

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