100 w/c Jessica H

Once there was a dancer called Layla she loved to dance but sometimes she danced very clumsily .There was a big dance competition coming up and she really wanted to go if her dance teacher would let her .It was the day when Layla’s dance teacher picked who was going to the competition. There were five people going all together. Layla’s two friends got in and two other girls and Layla! Layla was so happy, as soon as she went home she had a pink bubbly bath. The day of the competition arrived and boy was she a fighter , she danced so amazingly that she won the competition.

One thought on “100 w/c Jessica H”

  1. Hi Jessica!
    I liked the base on the story like how it was about a dance competition. Did you know that I got some moves! Also, do you do dance and what made you think of this idea? My connection is that my sister was in a dance competition and she won. One thing that you could work on is making sure that your sentences aren’t to long but not to short.

    Great writing and check out my piece!

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