100 w/c – James

It all starts in America. Two men dressed all in black planned to rob a bank. They were smart, they went into the bank through the back when the bank was closed. There were a lot of security cameras and they were able to turn all alarms off. They opened the safe and got away with a lot of money! When they drove off
the cops chased them but they
managed to get away with it. When they got to their hide out one of the robbers said” But where would we hide it all?”The other said “ under the floor, but definitely not in a bank!”.

2 thoughts on “100 w/c – James”

  1. Hi James, I’m not so sure if they really were all that smart. After all, the police weren’t far behind them! I wonder if they managed to find a good hiding place?

  2. Hi James,

    Thank you for your 100WC this week. I enjoyed reading it because you have used some interesting starts to your sentences and sentences of different lengths. They made it more interesting to read. You tried hard to use direct speech at the end of the story too. Just remember to put a new speaker on a new line and it’ll be even better. Keep up the great work James.

    Mrs McG (Team 100WC)
    Derbyshire, England

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